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Tiberi: Families Struggling, Gas Prices Soaring, Not Time To Raise Gas Tax


Location: Washington, DC

Tiberi: Families Struggling, Gas Prices Soaring, Not Time To Raise Gas Tax

U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH) issued the following statement regarding a Senate proposal to increase the tax on gasoline:

"Families are struggling. Not just to pay their mortgages, not just to find work, but they're struggling to pay their bills, and to fill up their cars at the pump. This is exactly the wrong time to impose a new gas tax that preliminary estimates say could cost an additional 15 cents a gallon! When Democrats have already passed billions of dollars in tax hikes on middle class families and gas prices are expected to surpass $3 a gallon this summer, we don't need a triple whammy by paying more taxes at the pump. It's shameful.

"In the past an increase in the gas tax has been used to pay for infrastructure or transportation projects or to raise revenue for the Highway Trust Fund. The Obama Administration has talked about how the Highway Trust Fund needs more funding and infrastructure needs around the country are great, so another gasoline tax could be added in addition to this 15 cent tax on gas.

"This new proposal combined with the Democrats Cap and Trade plan, could raise energy prices by hundreds and hundreds of dollars for Ohio families. We need an all of the above energy solution, that encourages and incentivizes the use of American energy, produced by American workers. It will lessen our dependence on foreign oil and create much needed American jobs. It's time to stop thinking of new ways to raise taxes on Americans, and start getting them back to work."

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