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LoBiondo Reaction To President Obama's Off-Shore Drilling Announcement


Location: Mays Landing, NJ

U.S. Representative Frank A. LoBiondo (NJ-02) today issued the following statement following the unexpected announcement by President Barack Obama regarding the expansion of off-shore drilling for oil and natural gas exploration in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Alaskan waters:

"Energy independence is our nation's shared goal with off-shore drilling being a component to achieving that goal. Today's announcement was a surprise, but it echoes my position on expanding off-shore drilling across the country. While my opposition to drilling off New Jersey has not changed, I have supported legislation allowing states to decide if they want to explore off their shores. Combined with increased nuclear, solar, wind, biofuels and conservation efforts, expanded off-shore drilling will enhance our national security and lead our country to energy independence."

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