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ObamaCare Funds Abortion Coverage Nationwide

Press Release

Location: Round Rock, TX

The Obama-Pelosi healthcare scheme fully funds abortion coverage nationwide at federal expense and must be repealed, says House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter.

"As much as the left is trying to obscure the truth on this issue of federal funding of abortion, it cannot be denied," says Carter. "Pro-life Members of Congress nationwide will be attacked on this issue through November in an attempt to deceive the voter about this bill, but the truth will prevail."

Carter was attacked this week by the liberal Austin American-Statesman newspaper and the partisan "PolitiFact" organization for confirming that full federal funding of abortion is included in the Obama healthcare bill. The attack was part of a nationwide Democrat propaganda campaign to change public opinion on their controversial bill before the November election.

Carter, a former Texas judge, says the new bill's radical departure on the abortion issue from the current federal healthcare pool to the new health exchanges under ObamaCare more than determines the case.

"Current law specifically prohibits any plan offered to federal employees from covering elective abortion coverage," says Carter. "But this new scheme sends massive federal subsidies directly to both private insurance plans under the new health exchanges and government-chartered cooperatives that do pay for elective abortion."

None of the more than 200 private health plans in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan are allowed to offer coverage for elective abortions, because these plans receive federal subsidies to cover 8 million federal employees and Members of Congress.

The point is one of many substantiating the position of Congressman Carter, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Family Research Council, National Right-to-Life, and many others of the nation's leading pro-life organizations.

Ironically, PolitiFact reached the same conclusion before reversing their opinion on a technicality. When PolitiFact reviewed National Right-to-Life Legislative Director Doug Johnson's position - the same position as Congressman John Carter - that the plan would provide federal subsidies for abortion coverage they found:

"Regarding Johnson's claim that the Baucus plan would result in 'federal subsidies directly to both private insurance plans and government-chartered cooperatives that pay for elective abortion,' we think he is on solid ground. One could argue whether or not this is a departure from making the bill 'abortion neutral' - each side has its take on that - but the fact is the plan would allow insurers to offer abortion. And the plan includes federal subsidies to some who might choose to join such a plan. And so we rule Johnson's statement True." - PolitiFact News Release, September 21, 2009

However, PolitiFact then contends that the National Right to Life statement that "federal funds would subsidize coverage of elective abortions" was false, in spite of the seeming contradictions in their findings.

Carter says all Americans should be prepared for a torrent of similarly deceptive left-wing media attacks on every issue in the healthcare bill as the year progresses, as liberal Democrats try to ward off voter anger for passage of the unpopular and unconstitutional bill, and the underhanded political process used in the face of widespread public opposition.

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