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Scalise: Offshore Drilling Announcement Is Small Step Undermined By "Cap And Trade" Energy Tax And EPA

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Scalise: Offshore Drilling Announcement Is Small Step Undermined By "Cap And Trade" Energy Tax And EPA

Congressman Steve Scalise today issued the following statement on President Obama's announcement that parts of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) will be made available for offshore drilling. The Obama Administration has held a moratorium on all offshore leasing, despite the majority of American people wanting to expand domestic oil and natural gas exploration, and continues to keep much of the coast off limits.

"While today's announcement is a positive step to open new offshore energy exploration, President Obama continues to pursue the "cap and trade' energy tax and radical EPA regulations that undermine energy production in the United States," Scalise said. "If we are going to be successful in establishing America's energy security, the President must abandon his job-killing "cap and trade" energy tax proposal and allow states to immediately share in the revenues generated by energy production."

Scalise, who sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee, recently joined several of his colleagues urging U.S. Department of Energy Secretary, Ken Salazar, to lift the administration's ban on offshore leasing, and has also introduced legislation to remove the ban. Since being elected to Congress, Scalise has emphasized the need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by utilizing our nation's resources to become energy independent.

Scalise has introduced the Grow American Supply (GAS) Act, H.R. 1108, which would lift the drilling moratorium on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) as well as increase exploration of alternative sources of energy such as oil shale and tar sands. The bill will also increase the amount of revenue each state would get from offshore oil and gas activity.

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