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Hall Statement On Status Of Health Care Vote


Location: Washington, DC

"President Obama and House Democrats continue to try to push their health care reform bill through Congress this week, even though a majority of Americans oppose a government takeover of health care. Members of the Tea Party movement, who have been very vocal in their opposition, are back in Washington to help prevent passage of this disastrous legislation.

"The Democrats' health care bill will cost every American in critical ways. These reforms will add to the debt by more than a trillion dollars, increase health care costs, increase taxes, lead to loss of jobs, destroy the sanctity of life, and ultimately lead to rationing of care. These are real -- not perceived -- dangers that will impact every citizen.

"I have heard from thousands of my constituents who oppose these radical and costly changes in our health care system, and I appreciate having the benefit of their views. I want to assure them that I am working with my Republican colleagues and conservative Democrats in the House to defeat this bill. I have spoken on the Floor and talked to individual Members to urge them to vote for their constituents by voting against this reform package.

"It is uncertain at this time whether the Democrats have the votes necessary for passage. In an effort to give their wavering Democrats a way to pass the bill without actually voting for the legislation, Democratic leaders are considering using a procedural move called the "Slaughter Solution" to pass the Senate version of the health care bill. In response to this procedural ploy, I am cosponsoring H. Res. 1188 to force a yea or nay vote. Members of Congress need to be honest about their vote, and then let their constituents decide in November how they feel about it.

"I opposed the Democrats' proposals in the Energy and Commerce Committee during prolonged deliberations, and I will oppose this bill on the Floor. I support starting over with incremental, common-sense reforms that all Americans can support."

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