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Bunning Blasts Obama on Recess Appointments


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Jim Bunning issued the following statement on the 15 recess appointments President Obama made earlier this week.

"President Obama abused his recess appointment power earlier this week when he appointed Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board. Mr. Becker who failed a bipartisan vote in the Senate will be a lap dog for unions on the NLRB. President Obama went around the Senate and appointed 15 controversial bureaucrats who have agendas that both Democrat and Republican Senators found to be extreme. I hope my colleagues in the next Congress have the same vigor and hold these nominations when they come to the floor.

"The two USTR nominees who were recess appointed will continue that agency's policy of doing nothing to protect American interests.? It is interesting that the small, impoverished country of Malawi is standing up to the discriminatory Canadian law that bans burley tobacco in violation of World Trade Organization rules, but our own trade officials refuse to protect American farmers.? And the new Treasury Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy was the chief architect of the special tax break for Citigroup that handed out billions of our tax dollars while its executives collected bloated bonuses."

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