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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Education is fundamental to developing individuals' potential.

I support directing sufficient resources to our teachers so that they have what they need to develop our children into bright, capable citizens.

I support awarding recruiting bonuses to teachers who will fill much needed positions--especially in math and science. I also support granting bonus pay to those teachers willing to teach in schools that are deemed to be struggling to meet students' needs.

I support awarding merit pay to teachers and all state employees who perform their jobs better than their peers.

I believe that teachers should be free to teach their students without excessive, burdensome paperwork and needless regulations. Education is about teaching children and helping them learn the skills that will propel them far in life. We must support our teachers and watch out for their best interests just as they watch out for our children's.

Furthermore, I support education policy that emphasizes reading, math, and science and raises the test scores of our children. We must ensure that our graduation rates continue to rise while our drop-out rates fall.

Finally, I will consistently work so that all citizens have the ability to access well-paying jobs and are not held back by a lack of knowledge, skill, or experience.

As a father, grandfather, and a proven leader, providing quality education for North Carolina's children is a top priority. I hope to earn your vote in May so that I can fight for you, the education of our children and a brighter tomorrow for all North Carolinians. I ask for your prayers, your vote, and your support in my campaign.

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