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Congressman Donnelly Applauds Proposal For Additional Offshore Drilling


Location: South Bend, IN

Today, Congressman Joe Donnelly issued the following statement regarding the Obama administration's proposal to open large areas of water off the Atlantic coastline, in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and along the north coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling.

"I welcome today's announcement, because I've been calling for expanded offshore drilling for years," said Donnelly. "We need an all-in energy policy, and I've been a part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers calling for expanded drilling, increased use of safe nuclear power, and other American energy initiatives since the last Congress. By exploring the energy resources we have here at home, we will create American jobs and reduce our reliance on Middle Eastern oil dictators."

Congressman Donnelly voted to allow new oil and gas exploration by supporting H.R. 2638 in September 2008. He is also an original co-sponsor of the American Conservation and Clean Energy Independence Act, H.R. 2227, which would establish an all-in American energy policy, through initiatives such as investments in alternative energy, tax incentives for clean energy production, and modernizing the fuel mix in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

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