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FY2011 Project Requests By U.S. Rep. John Spratt (Listed In No Particular Order)

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Requesting Entity: South Carolina National Guard, 1 National Guard Road, Stop #8, Columbia, SC 29201
Amount Requested: $1,100,000
Project Name: F-16CM and AH-64D Digital Communications Bridge

Project Description: Current overseas contingencies have highlighted the operational need for more interoperability between Army Rotary Wing and Air Force fixed winged platforms. Currently the digital communications between and AH-64 Apache and F-16 CM is very limited which can limit pre-deployment training as well as actions overseas. This digital communications bridge dramatically increases the data communication between these two platforms and their pilots. The leveraging of technology with devices like this communication bridge allows for more situational awareness and increased Joint capability.
Requesting Entity: South Carolina National Guard, 1 National Guard Road, Stop #8, Columbia, SC 29201
Amount Requested: $2,500,000
Project Name: F-16CM Center Pedestal Display (CPD)

Project Description: In its current configuration F-16CM pilots of the SCANG can only display two of over five sensors in their heads up display. Adding a third (and larger) display will reduce pilot workload, increase situational awareness, improve their ability to survive in a high threat environment, and to effectively operate in a Joint Close Air Support environment.
Requesting Entity: South Carolina National Guard, 1 National Guard Road, Stop #8, Columbia, SC 29201
Amount Requested: $2,000,000
Project Name: Vibration Management Enhancement Program (VMEP)

Project Description: VMEP is an embedded Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) system for mechanical fault detection for the entire aircraft power train. VMEP activities are consistent with the Department of Defense's goal of using embedded diagnostics for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) to reduce operating and support costs for Army Rotary Wing Aircraft, while increasing overall aircrew safety and operational readiness.
Requesting Entity: University of South Carolina, College of Research and Graduate Studies, 202 Osborne Building, Columbia, SC 29208
Amount Requested: $1,700,000
Project Name: Advanced Solar Photovoltaics and Power Conversion Modules

Project Description: Creates a state-of-the-art campus-wide shared nano fabrication laboratory, at the University of South Carolina, to pursue cutting-edge research on advanced solar photovoltaics and power conversion modules. The study of nano-technologies coupled with photovoltaic research can led to expansive military and non-military applications.
Requesting Entity: ALS Therapy Development Institute, 215 First Street Cambridge, MA 02142
Amount Requested: 4,830,000
Project Name: ALS Therapy Development Institute Gulf War Research Program

Project Description: ALS TDI is requesting $4.8 million, for equipment and continued support of its cutting edge research program and to support clinical trials of effective drugs. Its therapeutic validation program has tested more drugs for efficacy than all world-wide labs combined. Set up as a nonprofit biotech, ALS TDI is free of intellectual property restrictions that can hamper academic and pharmaceutical industry research: thus its process highly expeditious, and its results open, in real time, to the medical and patient communities. Several studies (conducted by DOD and the VA) have concluded that veterans of the first Gulf War develop the fatal neurodegenerative disease known as ALS twice as frequently as the general population Major goals of this research are identifying physiological pathways and molecules, comparing gene expression by employing the largest database ever compiled of ALS patient samples. Operate large scale validation program, using profiling technologies, to modulate gene expression in those genes determined to be candidates for disease effect. Create a comprehensive translational medicine initiative to identify biomarkers for disease staging and prognosis, and drug efficacy and patient response.
Name: Peach Road Industrial Park, P.O. Drawer 60, Winnsboro, SC 29180
Agency: Financial Services
Account: Small Business Association
Amount: $700,000

Description: Fairfield County, South Carolina, is requesting a federal earmark of $700,000 to assist in funding development of the Peach Road Industrial Park, a Class-A industrial park that will help meet the growing demand for developed industrial real estate in the County.
Name: Fairfield County Emergency Operations Center, P.O. Drawer 60, Winnsboro, SC 29180
Agency: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Account: State and Local Program
Amount: $635,000

Description: federal funding to build out emergency communications capabilities near the VC Summer nuclear facility
Name: James H. Goudlock Community Center, 778 W. Laney Terrace, Rock Hill, SC 29730
Agency: Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Account: Economic Development Initiatives (EDI)
Amount: $700,000

Description: construction of a neighborhood community center
Name: Shot Pouch Creek Trail, P.O. Box 1449, Sumter, SC 29151
Agency: Federal Highway Administration (FHA)
Account: Transportation, Community and Systems Preservation
Amount: $750,000

Description: This project will transform a neglected and often unsightly creek into a linear park and non-motorized transportation artery connecting residential neighborhoods, schools, parks, recreation centers, and commercial areas.
Name: Riverwalk Infrastructure Project, P.O. Box 11706, Rock Hill, SC 29731
Agency: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Account: Transportation & Community & System Preservation
Amount: $2,000,000

Description: The Riverwalk Infrastructure project is a mixed-use development with residential, commercial, and industrial development situated on the site of a former manufacturing plant, which at one time employed over 5,000 people and sits in an ideal location between I-77 and the Catawba River
Name: Manning Avenue Bridge and Corridor, P.O. Box 1449, Sumter, SC 29151
Agency: Federal Highway Administration (FHA)
Account: Transportation and Community System Preservation (TCSP)
Amount: $1 million

Description: Manning Avenue provides the primary link between Downtown Sumter and the low-income, minority neighborhood of South Sumter by way of the Manning Avenue Bridge, the only fully grade-separated crossing of the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks that separate South Sumter from the rest of the City. This project calls for: (1) repainting and rehabilitating the bridge; (2) updating the bridge with sidewalks, bicycle lanes and new lighting so that it safely accommodates pedestrians and bicyclists (as currently designed, the bridge suffers from low railings and poor lighting) and (3) reconstructing and enhancing Manning Avenue in South Sumter.
Name: African American Tourism Industry Cluster, P.O. Box 1837, Sumter, S.C. 29151
Agency: Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Account: Economic Development Initiative (EDI)
Amount: $193,875

Description: A feasibility study of an African American Heritage Tourism Industry Cluster in Sumter, S.C. The goal of this project is to determine the number of jobs that would be created if South Carolina's African American Heritage Tourism Cluster was expanded to increase the number of market ready sites.
Name: Woodrow Wilson Family Home Restoration Project, 1601 Richland Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Agency: Housing and Urban Development
Account: Economic Development Initiative (EDI)
Amount: $200,000

Description: Renovation and preservation of the Woodrow Wilson family home. The Woodrow Wilson family home is South Carolina's only historic site associated with a United States President.
Project: Winnsboro Law Enforcement Equipment & Technology
Applicant: Town of Winnsboro, P.O. Box 209, Winnsboro, SC 29180
Funding: $250,000

Description: federal funding will be used to respond to the Town of Winnsboro's law enforcement equipment needs. Specifically, to purchase new vehicles and up-fit them for police service. The funding will also allow the department to install digital camera systems in all police vehicles. Finally, it will provide mobile data terminals so that officers can generate and file reports in the field.
Project: Newberry County Sheriff's Office School Safety Officer Retention Project
Applicant: Newberry County Sheriff, P.O. Box 247, Newberry, SC 29108
Funding: $500,000

Description: federal funding would be used for school safety officer retention. Due to significant budget cuts at the state level, the positions will be eliminated if alternative funding is not found.
Project: National Advocacy Center at USC
Applicant: National Attorneys Association, 44 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 110, Alexandria, VA 22314
Funding: $1,000,000

Description: federal funding would be used for training programs for the National Advocacy Center, which was authorized in Public Law 110-424
Project: City of Sumter Police Department Technology
Applicant: City of Sumter Police Department, 21 North Main Street, P.O. Box 1449, Sumter, SC 29150
Funding: $1,000,000

Description: federal funding would be used for technology and equipment that will promote officer safety.
Project: South Carolina Team Focus Youth Mentoring Program
Applicant: Team Focus, Inc, 659 Hosta Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29715
Funding: $300,000

Description: federal funding would be used for the Team Focus Mentoring Program which assists at risk young men in South Carolina.
Project: Tega Cay Police Department Interoperability and Technology Enhancement
Applicant: Tega Cay Police Department, 7705 Tega Cay Drive, Tega Cay, SC 29708
Funding: $190,000

Description: federal funding would be used for interoperability and technology and enhancement for the Tega Cay Police Department (including 800 Mhz, software, and tower implementation).
Project: Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation
Applicant: T C 2, 5651 Dillard Drive, Cary, NC 27518
Funding: $1,000,000

Description: federal funding would be used for research and development to enhance competitive advantage of sewn product, and hosiery industry sector. This is a multi-Member request.
Project: York Culture & Heritage Museum: Settlemyre Planetarium Modernization Project
Applicant: York Culture and Heritage Museum, 4621 Mt. Gallant Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732
Funding: $541,000

Description: federal funding would be used for the modernization of the Settlemyre Planetarium at the York Culture & Heritage Museum.
Project: Dillon Emergency Room Clinical Equipment
Application: McLeod Medical Center Dillon, 301 E. Jackson Street, Dillon, SC 29536
Funding: $2,000,000

Description: federal funding would be used to equip a newly expanded Emergency Room in McLeod Medical Center in Dillon.
Project: Chesterfield County PeeDee Regional Food Service Training Center
Applicant: Chesterfield County Council, 200 W. Main St., Chesterfield, SC 29709
Funding: $200,000

Description: federal funding would be for equipment for job training at the Pee Dee Regional Food Service Training Center in Chesterfield County.
Project: Francis Marion University Science Nursing Center
Applicant: Francis Marion University, P.O. Box 100547, Florence, SC 29502
Funding: 750,000

Description: federal funding would be used for the Master of Science in Nursing-Nurse Practitioner program to be housed within the Department of Nursing at FMU
Project: From Middle School to College: A Readiness Initiative of the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics
Applicant: SC Governor's School for Science and Mathematics, 401 Railroad Avenue, Hartsville, SC 29550
Funding: 1,500,000

Description: federal funding would be used for the S.C. Governor's School for Science and Mathematics for the From Middle School to College program.
Project: Healthy Learners, Dillon
Applicant: Healthy Learners, 2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 206, Columbia, SC 29204
Funding: 200,000

Description: federal funding would be used for Healthy Learners Dillon, which supports the medical needs of children in Dillon School District Two.
Project: Reach Out and Read National Program
Applicant: Reach Out and Read, 56 Roland Street, Suite 100 D, Boston, MA 02129
Funding: $10,000,000

Description: federal funding would be used Reach Out and Read, a national program that promotes literacy and language development in infants and young children, targeting disadvantaged poor children and families. This is a multi-Member request

Project: University of South Carolina: Ultrasound Training Program
Applicant: University of South Carolina, School of Medicine, Columbia, SC 29208
Funding: $1,000,000
Description: federal funding would be used for developing an ultrasound training program using hand-carried ultrasound machines targeted specifically to train primary care providers such as family practitioners, general internists, pediatricians, women's healthcare providers, nurses, nurse practitioners and emergency medical technicians.
Project: Winthrop University's: Focusing on Collegiate Undergraduate Success (FOCUS)
Applicant: Winthrop University, 114 Tillman Hall, Rock Hill, SC 29733
Funding: $990,000

Description: federal funding through FIPSE resources will permit the expansion of current Winthrop programs as well as the development of and training for new programming.
Project: Palmetto Volunteers in Medicine Nurse Practitioner
Applicant: Palmetto Volunteers in Medicine, 235 S. Herlong Avenue, Rock Hill, SC 29732
Funding: $105,000

Description: federal funding would be used to hire a nurse practitioner to see patients to enable the clinic to see more indigent, non-insured patients along with the executive medical director.
Project: Boys and Girls Club of the Upstate Field Studies At-Risk Youth Program
Applicant: Boys and Girls Club of the Upstate, PO Box 2794, Spartanburg, SC 29304
Funding: $120,000

Description: federal funding would be used to purchase two new half-buses to expand their ability to take students on field studies in the afternoon during the school year and all summer.
Project: Spartanburg Regional Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Satellite: Cherokee County
Applicant: Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, 101 E. Wood Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303
Funding: $2,500,000

Description: federal funding would be used for technology and equipment for the Oncology Satellite in Cherokee County.
Project: CERRA Teacher Cadet Program
Applicant: CERRA, Stewart House at Winthrop, Rock Hill, SC 29733
Funding: $250,000

Description: federal funding would be used for a Teacher Cadet Interactive Technology Hub in Rock Hill, SC.
Project: Marlboro County CBD Electronic Records Management Project
Applicant: Marlboro County CDC, PO Box 103, Bennettsville, SC 29512
Funding: $300,000

Description: federal funding would be used for a job training and electronic records management program in Bennettsville, SC.
Project:Clemson University Veterinary Institute (CUVI)
Applicant:Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634

Description: Nationally, there is a critical shortage of veterinarians and there is no Veterinary Program in SC. With only 28 colleges of veterinary medicine across the nation, a mere 2,500 graduates enter veterinary practice each year. This is insufficient to meet the demand for food production/protection, bio-security, companion animal, and public health. The establishment of a SC Veterinary Institute will contribute vets across the agrarian state and help to alleviate the shortage problem.
Project: Harvest Hope Food Bank assistance and expansion
Applicant: Harvest Hope Food Bank, PO Box 451, Columbia SC 29202
Funding: $500,000

Description: Harvest Hope Food Bank, the largest food bank in South Carolina has experienced shortages in food and space. Though they have had local donations and received other sources of funding, they desperately need help to expand their capacity so they can continue serving those in need throughout the state.
Project: I-95 Biotechnology
Applicant: SC Research Authority, 1330 Lady Street, Suite 503, Columbia SC 29201
Funding: $100,000

Description: This project will work towards improving the economic development along the Interstate 95 (I-95) corridor in South Carolina through the application of innovative biotechnology. This proposed project seeks to clean up existing sites blighted by environmental hazards and to support the emerging biomass industry in the state through the cultivation of non-food feed stocks for conversion to various gaseous and liquid fuels and seafood production for the food chain.
Project: Town of Lamar Broadband Extension
Applicant: Town of Lamar, 117 W Main Street, Lamar, SC 29069
Funding: $3,750,000

Description: This project would bring internet and cable services to a rural part of South Carolina that currently lacks broadband services. They would greatly benefit from all the opportunities that come with broadband services.
Project: City of Camden Mechanical Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
Applicant: City of Camden, 1000 Lyttleton Street, Camden SC 29020
Funding: $2,500,000

Description: As mandated by SC DHEC, the City of Camden must switch from a lagoon water system to a mechanical wastewater treatment facility. There are also health concerns with the current wastewater treatment methods. This is a solid, important infrastructure project that will be mostly funded locally, but federal funding would help greatly and prevent utility bills from going up more than they will already have to in order to pay for this mandated upgrade.
Project: City of Dillon Water Storage Tank
Applicant: City of Dillon, 401 West Main St, Dillon, SC 29536
Funding: $600,000

Description: The SCDHEC has recommended additional water supply and storage for the City of Dillon water system since 2001. This project will help to satisfy the additional water storage demands.
Project: Corinth Elevated Water Storage Tank, Cherokee County
Applicant: Draytonville Water Works, 100 Parris Trail, Gaffney, SC 29340
Funding: $385,500

Description: Currently, the water pressure is so low that the Corinth and Draytonville communities lack adequate fire hydrants and protection. The water system capacity in this area does not comply with SC Department of Health and Environmental Control's system pressure requirements, and an elevated water tower would bring their system into compliance to better serve these communities.
Project: Darlington Water Infrastructure Improvements
Applicant: City of Darlington, 400 Pearl Street, Darlington, SC 29540
Funding: $210,000

Description: The City of Darlington's wastewater collection system is old infrastructure that is inadequate for current industrial and residential demand. Upgrades to the system are essential to allow industries to continue operating in compliance, to serve residents, and to ensure storm water does not continue to flood and contaminate downtown neighborhoods.
Project: Gaffney Board of Public Works Sewer System Improvements (technical correction from FY2008)
Applicant: Gaffney Board of Public Works, 210 East Frederick Street, Gaffney, SC 29340
Funding: $0

Description: This project entails a series of sewer system improvements. The Gaffney BPW sought funds previously for another water project and was appropriated the monies in FY2008. However, EPA did not allow them to draw the funds because the project had already been completed. Gaffney BPW would like to reallocate the funds towards several improvements that need to be made to their sewage system.
Project: Lee County 1-20 Corridor Water Project
Applicant: Lee County, PO Box 309, Bishopville, SC 29010
Funding: $2,000,000

Description: federal funding would be used for new sewer infrastructure in Lee County, which is currently only at two points on 15 miles of Interstate I-20. The county is sandwiched between two of the highest growth areas on the I-20 corridor.
Project: SC Forestry - Equipment Upgrade and Operating Expenses
Applicant: SC Forestry, 5500 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29212
Funding: $1,000,000

Description: SC Forestry has been severely underfunded by the state. Our state also has 75% and 47% less fire fighting capacity per acre than Georgia and North Carolina, respectively. Funding for this project would make South Carolina safer by providing more adequate wildfire protection.
Project: The James House Historical Society Restoration Project
Applicant: Lee County Historical Society, PO Box 684, Bishopville, SC 29010
Funding: $91,000

Description: The Save America's Treasures program is intended to support historic landmarks like this. Funding for the Lee County Historical Society would go towards restoring the historic James House.
Project: Town of Latta Water Project
Applicant: Town of Latta, 107 NW Railroad Avenue, Latta SC 29566
Funding: $400,000

Description: The Town of Latta has 10 existing pump stations that collect the town's sewage and transport it to the wastewater plant. The average useful life of a pump station is 20-25 years. The oldest pump station currently operating in Latta is 40 years old. The next two oldest are both 36 years old. All three of these pump stations need to be replaced as their inability to keep up with demands are causing sewer line backups and occasional overflows.
Project: Town of Winnsboro Water System Facility Improvements
Applicant: Town of Winnsboro, PO Box 209, Winnsboro, SC 29180
Funding: $750,000

Description: The Water System is currently at capacity, with expansion limited by needed plant and equipment upgrades. The Town of Winnsboro is funding a vast majority of the project, but federal support will help for a worthy infrastructure improvement project like this.
Project: Wallace Water System Upgrade and Expansion
Applicant: Wallace Water Company, 4124 Fire Department Rd, Wallace, SC 29596
Funding: $250,000

Description: The expansion and upgrade in the Delta Heights area of Wallace would positively impact a very impoverished, rural area of the state that is currently either without water service or suffers from frequent water outages.
Project: Whiting Way Sewer Main Extension
Applicant: Kershaw County, 515 Walnut Street, Camden, SC 29020
Funding: $1,000,000

Description: The advantage of this line is not only to the county but also to Department of Environmental Control for the elimination of two National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits going to the Wateree River, which is an impaired river for dissolved oxygen and fecal coliform. Projects of this kind improve water quality and improve infrastructure, thus benefiting citizens.
Project: Catawba Nation Indian Tribe -- Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Cultural & Senior Center
Applicant: Catawba Indian Nation, 996 Avenue of the Nations, Rock Hill, SC 29730
Funding: $250,000

Description: Recently an energy audit was conducted by a representative of the York Electric Cooperative (YEC), at which point the YEC representative made several suggestions regarding potential energy efficient refurbishments, including an estimate of projected reductions in energy consumption. If funded, this project would allow the Catawba to make energy efficiency upgrades to buildings, thus saving money for the Tribe and that taxpayers.
Project: Charleston, SC Post 45-Ft Feasibility Study
Applicant: Army Corps of Engineers, 69 Hagood Avenue, Charleston, SC 29403
Funding: $2,500,000

Description: This project would help provide funding for the next phase in the Charleston Harbor Post 45-Foot Deepening Study Project. Preparing Charleston for future demands will lead to an increase in the already more than 260,000 South Carolina jobs tied to international trade at the Port of Charleston.
Project: Clemson University Cyberinstitute
Applicant: Clemson University Cyberinstitute, Clemson, SC 29634
Funding: $1,000,000

Description: To assist in the development of the Clemson University Cyberinstitute (CUCI) across the State of South Carolina, and to provide improved cyberinfrastructure and bandwidth capabilities to our statewide partners. The CUCI is a conduit for a "virtual research campus" of cyber resources and strengths at each of South Carolina's higher education institutions in developing a cyberinfrastructure portfolio that advances South Carolina's position in research, scholarship, and healthcare.
Project: Home Area Network (HAN) Project
Applicant: City of Rock Hill, 155 Johnston Street, Rock Hill, SC 29731
Funding: $350,000

Description: The purpose of HAN is to provide approximately 1,230 customers with whole house energy management. This demand response equipment allows the customer to see and thus control the use of power in their homes. The average consumer reduced their energy consumption, while saving up to 10 percent on their energy bills. This will help to reduce energy costs for taxpaying citizens while helping to reduce harmful environmental emissions.
Project: Morris College Forensic Science Lab
Applicant: Morris College, 100 West College Street, Sumter, SC 29150
Funding: $600,000

Description: The federal funding will be used specifically to expand, upgrade and modernize the classrooms, laboratories and equipment. This project will allow Morris College to continue to make the institutional improvements to accommodate the increasing numbers of students who are majoring in STEM fields at Morris College, and provide these students with the educational benefits of up-to-date technology and equipment.
Project: Newberry College Forensic Chemistry Program
Applicant: Newberry College, 2100 College St., Newberry, SC 29108
Funding: $1,000,000

Description: To provide the instruments to train Newberry College students to test traces of radioactive isotopes, which important in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) training scenarios and blood-born chemical pathogens. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) assisted Newberry College in designing the program and creating the curriculum to train students to work in forensic laboratories. Newberry students participate in SLED internships during the school year and the summer months. This program should increase the number of students seeking degrees and future employment in the forensic science field - jobs that have positive impacts in the community
Project: Scotts Creek Drainage Flood Control Project
Applicant: Army Corps of Engineers, 69 Hagood Avenue, Charleston, SC 29403
Funding: $140,000

Description: At present, the downstream section of Scotts Creek is thick with large trees, small trees, shrubs, and other types of vegetation. For this reason, it is impossible for the high volume of rainwater runoff flowing into the upper portions of Scotts Creek to properly flow through the lower portion of Scotts Creek to its confluence with Bush River. This project would provide drainage and flood control to the surrounding areas.

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