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Barrett Battles Democrats, Job-Killing Legislation


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman J. Gresham Barrett (SC-03) voted against H.R. 4849, the Small Business and Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act. After voting against this legislation, Barrett made the following remarks:

"This legislation is just more of the same old tax-and-spend policies from the Democrats. That is why I voted against it, and I will continue to oppose all other tax increases on businesses because it will not strengthen our economy or create more jobs; instead, it will only create unnecessary financial hardships for South Carolinians already struggling to survive.

Democrats continue to push job-killing legislation in the name of more government intervention. But even after the President's multi billion dollar stimulus failed, Democrats unilaterally decided it was a good idea for the government to takeover our nation's health care system. Combined, these actions create a perfect storm of bad legislation that could have a catastrophic impact on our economy."

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