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Issue Position: Fight Crime

Issue Position

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[-1.-] "To Wage an Effective Legal WAR AGAINST CRIME, to include, waging an Effective Legal WAR AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, We MUST afford to create More of the Best ELITE Crime Fighting Systems, throughout North Carolina, and America, where we MUST Raise More Money, which will NOT RAISE TAXES, while creating better 'salaries-benefits' for ALL Professional Crime Fighters; while, at the same time also, providing, the BEST CRIME FIGHTING EQUIPMENT, known to mankind, each year."

==> "MILLIONS OF DOLLARS can be SAVED in NORTH CAROLINA alone, each year, which can be used to FIGHT CRIME on ALL North Carolina Streets, if we use U.S. Private Industries, who have been operating countless Government Police Military Security Operations throughout the entire world, for several decades, at a Low Cost to all U.S. Tax Payers."

==>"Professional U.S. Security Corporations can operate our NORTH CAROLINA State Prisons, with better INMATE Security, while Saving MILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS each year; plus, creating much 'Better Salaries and Benefits,' for ALL NORTH CAROLINA {DOC} Department of Correction, Prison Staff."

[-2.-] "We can Lower the Cost of Prison Maintenance, Lower Prison Violence, Create Better Inmate Security, by constructing individual Inmate Prison Cell Units, from Low Cost, High Strength, Long Lasting Materials; In which, after one year of construction, the entire NEW PRISON SYSTEM will pay for itself in savings, which will save MILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS, throughout North Carolina, for countless decades to come, upon completion of this proposed NEW STATE PRISON SYSTEM, for North Carolina; which will become, a low cost, effective, high-tech, example, other U.S. States may adopt, and soon envy."

==>"Each Inmate will be provided with an individual Cell, WITHOUT a Cell Mate, where all individual body functions can be performed in Each Cell, to include the consumption of meals, in which meals will be delivered without inmates coming into contact with Prison Staff."

==>"Individual Inmate Cells, will prevent Inmate violence directed towards Prison Staff, prevent Inmate violence directed towards other inmates, prevent the creation of Prison Gangs, and prevent the socialization of New Inmates deeper into the Criminal Culture."

==>"Individual Inmate Cells, will be provided with solid items, which will made impossible for Inmates to move, destroy, NOR forge into weapons."

[-3.-] "Taxes will be lowered, by putting labor wages back into the Prison System, and the Incentives For Illegal Immigration will be DESTROYED, by using Prison Inmate Labor, to do the Jobs, presently conducted by IMMIGRANTS from Mexico, and South America."

==>"ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS will cease to come to America, and cease to come to North Carolina, once they find, there are NO JOBS in America, waiting for them."

==>"Farmers who employ Prison Inmate Labor will receive Tax Breaks, Proper Security, and pay wages to the prison system, far below what it would cost to employ anyone."

==>"Inmates will not be required to work, but if they do NOT WORK, at specified quality levels of work, they will NOT receive privileges, and will have Nothing to do each day, except sit in their individual Inmate Cells, with No One to converse with."

[-4.-] "Using Prison Inmates to harvest our fields, will create a HUGE Tax Savings, making it possible to finance More Better Trained Equipped Security Professionals, More Better Trained Equipped Police, and obtain More Better Advanced Crime Fighting Technology, to Fight Crime Effectively, in all North Carolina locations."

==> "Further Funds MUST be Raised, by removing all SPECIAL PRIVILEGES for Prison Inmates, which are of a High Cost to Tax Payers."

===>"These SPECIAL PRIVILEGES include: Weight Rooms, Fitness Centers, Sports Equipment, and Basket Ball Courts, etc., which create Bigger Stronger Faster Criminals on the streets, when these Prison Inmates are released back into society."

[-5.-] "In the 21st Century Modern Age, of DNA and Crime Scene Investigation Technology, anyone convicted of FIRST DEGREE MURDER, which warrants the DEATH PENALTY, {Capitol Punishment}, if INNOCENT, should be able to prove their INNOCENTS, within one year after conviction, through Modern Science."

==>"IF INNOCENTS cannot be proven after conviction, within ONE YEAR, this convicted person is obviously, very Guilty of Murder, based upon Modern Crime Investigation Science."

==>"The situation of almost ENDLESS APPEALS, which go on for several years, or even several decades, after conviction, where the DEATH PENALTY has been applied, is VERY EXPENSIVE to every Tax Payer."

==>"Keeping Convicted Murderers alive for countless years in prison, is VERY EXPENSIVE to every Tax Payer."

==>"Creating A ONE YEAR LIMIT, for ALL APPEALS, on DEATH PENALTY Cases, will properly protect the INNOCENT, Punish the Guilty, and save Countless Tax Dollars."

==>"Unless overturned by Appeal, demonstrating INNOCENTS, limited to One year, ALL DEATH PENALTY EXECUTIONS will be carried out, within One Year, after conviction."

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