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Issue Position: Better Economic Plan

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

[-1.-] "We MUST Create OFF-SHORE Oil Rigs along the NORTH CAROLINA Atlantic Ocean Coast, in addition to, the entire U.S. East Coast Atlantic Ocean line."

==> "OFF-SHORE Oil Rigs will lower U.S. Gas Prices, and Create Countless Good Stable American Jobs - Careers nationwide. If elected to U.S. Congress, I will FIGHT with all legal ethical methods, to bring OFF-SHORE Oil Rigs to the Atlantic Ocean North Carolina East Coast."

==> OFF-SHORE Oil Rigs in North Carolina will NOT harm the environment; NOR, our Tourist Public view along the entire U.S. Atlantic East Coast.

==> OFF-SHORE Oil Rigs in North Carolina will Stimulate Countless other North Carolina industries.

==> "Oil and Gas Prices effect ALL American Costs of Living; plus, ALL American Jobs."

[-2.-] As California and other U.S. States start to fail, due to GROSS LEFT-WING LIBERAL High-Tax, Abusively Over-Regulated, MISMANAGEMENT, if elected to U.S. Congress, I will FIGHT with all legal methods, to have these same U.S. States bring their industries here, to North Carolina.

==> "As a professional Film-Television Actor, who has performed in lead speaking parks on both THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL and TLC The Learning Channel, in addition to, Local WRAL North Carolina Television, I can tell you with all truth, we can make better movies and televisions programs, here in North Carolina, than HOLLYWOOD, at a lower cost for each Movie - TV producer."

==> "If elected to U.S. Congress, I will take all legal ethical actions to bring HOLLYWOOD to North Carolina, which will produce countless Jobs and Careers, in addition to, stimulating Countless other industries, throughout North Carolina, which will be of financial benefit to ALL North Carolina residents."

==> "More Motion Pictures, More Movies, and More Television Programs, produced in North Carolina, will pump MILLIONS OF DOLLARS into the entire North Carolina economy, each year, creating better prosperity for ALL North Carolina Residents."

"We can make better motion pictures, movies, and television, here in North Carolina, than HOLLYWOOD, at a better price."

{GEORGE HUTCHINS, March 2, 2010}

[-3.-] "As a manager of a successful company, ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS, in a DEREGULATED, Less Hostile, Less Expensive to the Employer, work environment, I would hire anyone who would do a good legal honest job, no matter what their RACE, COLOR, or, validated RELIGION is, in respect to their honest legal efforts, which would assist the company, to create better products, and good customer service, which produces greater legal earned profits, for the entire company, {Corporation}."

==> "Most American Corporations, American Companies, and Americans do the same actions, as I do."

==> Many of our American Jobs have been driven over-seas, due to AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, PRIVILEGES BASED ON RACE, so-called ANTI-RACIAL DISCRIMINATION LAWS, which create a Hostile environment, due to endless countless EXPENSIVE unfounded complaints - lawsuits, which cause it, to be TOO EXPENSIVE to operate in American, for major American Corporations; where, it has become MUCH more less expensive, to operate overseas, in foreign nations, outside of U.S. Federal Law, where these so-called ANTI-RACIAL DISCRIMINATION LAWS, PRIVILEGES BASED ON RACE LAWS, and/or, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION RACE QUOTA LAWS, do NOT exist.

===> "Through a U.S. Constitutional Amendment, we need to remove these ridiculous, STUPID, so-called Anti-Racial Discrimination Laws, in order to, bring our corporate jobs back to American, in order to, establish a LESS Hostile, LESS EXPENSIVE FOR THE EMPLOYER, Work Environment by Law; for, more Better Paying Careers, and Good Paying Jobs, for ALL Americans, nationwide, on U.S. Soil."

==> "The impact of North Carolina taking the lead in such work-place deregulation, will drive failing businesses in other U.S. States to come to North Carolina, fleeing California, Detroit, or other high taxation {High Regulated}, U.S. States."

==> "Creating a Less Hostile-Deregulated work environment in North Carolina, will bring in countless investors to North Carolina, which will created countless good paying stable North Carolina jobs, and countless good paying stable North Carolina Careers."

==> "If elected to U.S. Congress, I will take ALL legal ethical actions, to REMOVE every RIDICULOUS, social-experiment, SOCIALIST-Style, out of date, abusive, 1960's - 1970's Cold War created, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, PRIVILEGES BASED ON RACE, and so-called ANTI-RACIAL DISCRIMINATION LAWS, within a clear solid plan of DEREGULATION, to put a legal halt to such abusive wrongful Laws - Policies, which have harmed more Americans than, such STUPID Laws - Policies have assisted, in order to, benefit ALL American Economic Futures, for countless generations to come."

==> "Starting Federal DEREGULATION of SOCIALISTIC Style 1960's - 1970's Cold War created Laws, here in North Carolina, through legal actions, will be Historic, and influence countless Corporate Dollars to flow into the North Carolina economy, through legal Multi-Million Dollar investors."

[-4.-] North Carolina has much to offer Tourists from Europe, to include tourists from throughout the entire world, who want to see the best American can offer ALL foreign travelers.

==> "If elected to U.S. Congress, I will use all legal influence to promote the North Carolina Tourist industry, to compete effectively with Florida, California, New York, and other U.S. States, for MASS International Tourist Dollars, to influence international tourist to visit North Carolina, as part of their great American travel vacation adventure, each year."

==> "MASS International Tourist Dollars, will stimulate countless North Carolina Industries, and create countless other Good North Carolina Jobs, which have no direct relation to the tourist industry."

==> "Industries which will benefit from creating a larger attraction for European tourists and tourists worldwide, to visit North Carolina, will include: Hotels, ALL Forms of Lodging, Guided Tours, Car Rentals, Retail Sales, Security, Restaurants, Groceries, Night Clubs, Taverns, Breweries, Airlines, Airport Services, Packaging, Postal-Shipping Services, and all forms of public Accommodation."

==> "I will use all legal influence, if elected to U.S. Congress, to attract European Vacationers, and Vacationers from around the world, to visit North Carolina, to spend their MASS foreign Vacation Dollars, here in North Carolina, while on route to other American locations."

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