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Issue Position: Fight Obama-Nation

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

"The November 4, 2008 U.S. President Election, to include ALL North Carolina state elections of 2008, was the ALAMO of the U.S. Republican Party in North Carolina, and the ALAMO of the U.S. Republican Party Nationwide !!! "

"During the 2008 U.S. Elections, as a Campaign STAFF member, of the FRED SMITH for North Carolina Governor Campaign during the NC Republican Primary, a volunteer for the U.S. Senator ELIZABETH DOLE Campaign, and Veterans For John MCCAIN MEMBER, I FOUGHT with all legal methods to STOP Obama - Nation."

"As I was FIGHTING 'Obama - Nation' in 2008, Fence-Riders and FAKE REPUBLICANS Ran for their lives, while these same FAKE Republican RINO'S attempted to silent my Honorable Efforts."

"In addition to MASS VOTING FRAUD, it was these same RINO'S, and same Fence-Riders, which caused the Republicans to lose big during the 2008 elections, in both, North Carolina, and Nationwide."

"These same Fence-Riders and same RINO'S, while UNJUSTLY claiming to be Conservatives, FALSELY believed 'Obama Supporters' would also vote for them, or the Republican Candidate, which they supported, in North Carolina, during 2008."

"Now in 2010, these same Fence-Riders, FAKE Conservatives, and FAKE Republican RINOS are back in Full Force."

"2010 is time for a LEGAL RINO HUNTING ADVENTURE."

"The November 4, 2008 U.S. Presidential Election was the result of the worst MASS VOTING FRAUD in U.S. History."

"This Fact is demonstrated by clear EVIDENCE showing, where most, if not all, U.S. States which the majority voted for Barack Hussein Obama, were U.S. States, which DID NOT require each voter, to provide a legal form of identification when voting. {Drivers License, etc}"

"Obama has NOT produced a Legal U.S. Birth Certificate."

"If elected, I will FIGHT with all possible legal methods, to remove Obama, DIRECTLY from office, and to put an END, to all future MASS VOTING FRAUD !!!"

George Hutchins (MPA) (BS)
Candidate For U.S. Congress 2010.
June 27, 2009.

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