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July 2, 2004 Friday

HEADLINE: Interview With Al Sharpton

GUESTS: Al Sharpton

BYLINE: Catherine Herridge


HERRIDGE: Tonight, former presidential candidate Al Sharpton has a new job, offering career advice on the new realty TV show "I hate my job." Joining us here in New York is the good reverend of the National Action Network. Quick first what's your take on the Democrats and the vice presidential choice? Are you with the last two guests that it's going to be Edwards?

REVEREND AL SHARPTON, NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK: I have no idea. You know, I campaigned debating both Edwards and Kerry. Edwards would be credible. The others we heard will be credible. I think it's John Kerry's decision and I think it should be someone that complements his ideas and a vision to return America to the kind of America that works for everybody.

HERRIDGE: OK. You got this new reality TV show, "I hate my job." In a nutshell what's the concept?

SHARPTON: The concept is that many people don't really work at and work for the purpose that they are energizing like and what we're saying is that one ought to find its purpose in life, what really fires you up and do that and I hope to guide people if they're trying to find life's purpose and do that.

I've done that in my life and it's an inspirational type of show and I was intrigued when the idea was proposed and I agreed to do the first eight episodes.

HERRIDGE: So, what kind of job have you had that you feel qualified as a counselor?

SHARPTON: Well, I've been a minister for over 30 years. I've been a civil rights leader who have chosen to do that rather than other opportunities that have come my way.

And, even if people disagree with my politics, and we argue that on the show, I'm saying find out what makes you, what moves you and discover you and I think that people are only happy when they discover themselves. So, I'm doing this on Spike TV.

I'm doing political commentary on CNBC. I'm getting a lot of experience communicating with broad issues of Americans while I continue in the National Action Network with my civil rights work.

HERRIDGE: You called yourself the working man's Donald Trump.

SHARPTON: In fact, I talked to Trump about that the other day. He called.

HERRIDGE: Oh, you did, what did he tell you?

SHARPTON: Well, you know, on Trump's show you're talking to people that are well educated, well heeled, already making a lot of money. My show is for just regular people. They're saying, "I don't like what I'm doing and I need help in fulfilling my dreams."

And I'm saying that you don't have to have Ivy League education and millions of dollars. Pursue your dreams. Have persistence and discipline and believe in yourself. So, I'm saying I'm for working guys with the elite (unintelligible) out of Donald Trump.

HERRIDGE: Okay, the working guys, that's a good way to transition to Bill Cosby's comments. Let's roll that tape.


BILL COSBY, ENTERTAINER: Young men and old men you've got to stop beating up your women because you can't find a job, because you didn't want to get an education and now you're at minimum wage and now you think more - - you should have thought more of yourself when you were in high school.


HERRIDGE: That's a pretty serious condemnation of men in the black community from Bill Cosby. Have you talked to him about those comments and are you on the same page?

SHARPTON: I have not talked to him since he made the comments July 1st. I have had a long conversation with him after the first comments. I think there is room for a lot of self examination and self improvement in the black community.

I also think that it has to be done in the context as we continue to fight for fairness and an even playing field in society. We can't excuse misbehavior nor can we excuse societal behavior.

What I've said is we need to have a real sit down and say since this is a problem what do we do about it? So, we're putting together, National Action Network, with Mr. Cosby and others a summit. Let's talk about it. Let's bring some of the young artists in. Let's bring some of the behavioral scientists in and let's come with a program.

It's not enough just to condemn people. Now let's give them a blueprint that they can lift themselves up because there are many poor blacks that have done the right thing and don't have any opportunity to expose and express that.

HERRIDGE: Well, I can hear you saying that something's got to be done but not maybe necessarily in the way Bill Cosby did it but I'm going to have to leave it right there though.

SHARPTON: It's a beginning.

HERRIDGE: It's a beginning.

SHARPTON: Let's go. Let's go forward.

HERRIDGE: Thanks, reverend.

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Plus you're looking live at Times Square. In less than 30 minutes they'll pick the winning mega millions numbers. The $290 million jackpot is the biggest in history and, if you're anyone in eleven states on this screen, you've got just a few minutes left to buy your ticket. Stay with us.


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