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Blog: A Referendum on Health Care?


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President Obama just signed into law health care reform that extends affordable coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans and ends the most unconscionable of insurance company abuses. For the past week, Americans have rallied in support of these critical reforms - proving once again that good policy makes good politics.

Yet, it has become quite clear that Republicans do not see health care reform as a victory for the American people, but instead as a loss for the insurance companies. That is why Republican Party leaders, from Michelle Bachman to Sarah Palin to John Boehner, are calling for a repeal of these long overdue reforms.

It is no different here in Florida's 19th district, where my Republican opponent is calling our April 13th special election the nation's first referendum on health care. He promises that if elected, he will lead the fight to repeal this "not-so-gradual government take over of the health insurance system" that "subverts our Constitution" and "is an offense against freedom loving Americans who want no part of government run health care."

My Republican opponent will stop at nothing to capture the congressional seat formerly held by progressive champion Congressman Robert Wexler. Contribute to Ted today and help keep this seat in Democratic hands.

On radical right-wing websites, my opponent has declared that donations to his campaign "will count towards a full and unequivocal REPEAL of the most dangerous legislation passed since this nation's founding."

What I want to know from my opponent is the following:

What is so dangerous about closing the Medicare donut hole and helping seniors afford their prescriptions?

What is so dangerous about ending discrimination against pre-existing conditions?

What is so dangerous about letting young adults stay on their parents' plans until 26 years of age?

What is so dangerous about providing small businesses with tax credits to purchase employee health insurance?

What is so dangerous about increasing payments to primary care physicians and strengthening preventative health care in America?
If I am privileged to win election to the United States Congress, I will not only defend this health care legislation, but I will seek to improve it. Proposals like letting Americans over the age of 55 buy into Medicare, giving Americans the choice of a public insurance option, and empowering the federal government to negotiate for cheaper prescription drug prices, are commonsense policies that I vehemently support.

I have always believed that public service is about standing up for the people. Yet it seems my Republican opponent is only interested in standing up for the insurance companies.

Friends, I am asking you to stand with me now. Donate $100, $50, or $25 today and send a message not just to my opponent but every Republican politician who is running on a repeal of health insurance reform.

Join with me and let's make this election an affirmation of health care reform and policies that give all Americans a fair shake.

Yours truly,

Ted Deutch

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