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House Democrats Vote To Allow Taxpayer-Funded Abortion


Location: Washington, DC

House Democrats Vote To Allow Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) criticized House Democrats tonight for rejecting Republicans' motion-to-recommit proposal that would have restored the bipartisan Pitts-Stupak language forbidding taxpayer-funded abortion, which passed the House last year, but was not included in the Senate-passed bill. In response, Boehner released the following statement:

"Anyone with any knowledge of the law knows that the Executive Order issued by the White House today is simply window dressing to provide political cover to wavering Democrats. The only way to uphold the American tradition and prohibit taxpayer funding of elective abortion is the Pitts-Stupak amendment, which Democrats have now rejected. The truth is clear: House Democrats support taxpayer-funded abortion. House Republicans do not.

"On this issue, as we have throughout this debate, Republicans have listened to the American people and stood with them. Out-of-touch Washington Democrats have not."

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