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Jordan Statement On Passage Of Democrat Health Care Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) made the following statement on the narrow passage of H.R. 3590, the latest move toward a Democrat takeover of healthcare that passed 219-212 late Sunday evening.

"As America engaged in a national discussion over health care for the past year, I heard directly from thousands of our constituents. They called, e-mailed. wrote letters and attended town hall meetings. They talked to me at the grocery store and even traveled to Washington. Their message was clear: We don't want this bill."

"Unfortunately, instead of listening to the American people, Democrat leaders twisted arms, used taxpayer money to cut deals, and made a mockery of the legislative process in order to get the votes necessary to pass this legislation."

"Our healthcare system needs reform, not a government takeover. I helped develop an alternative reform measure that was never considered, and I offered an amendment to this bill last week to prevent taxpayer funding of abortion, which was defeated when so-called pro-life Democrats changed their votes to no."

"Americans want Congress to focus on job creation and getting federal spending under control. Instead, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi continue pressing forward with their big government agenda. Ten years from now, when the government-run health care system has grown beyond expectation and the American people are trying to stop Congress from rationing health care to contain costs; we will look back on this day with great regret."

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