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It's Time To Chill Out

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

My colleagues, it's time to chill out. It's time to chill out. Government takeover of the health care system? Let it go.

The private insurance companies are still in charge. Your private doctor is still in charge. You have the choice of where you want to go, what hospital you want to go to. All we are saying--and I am going to say it to my district. I have got 150,000 constituents who don't have health insurance, and 135,000 of them are going to have health insurance after this bill passes. They don't care what your rhetoric is and your fear is. They're going to have health insurance for the first time maybe in their lives.

Kids who are in college will be able to stay on their parents' health insurance. We're going to put some brakes on the health companies' ability to cut you off for preexisting conditions or just cut you off if it costs too much.

It's time to chill out, Republicans. Let this bill work. Let our constituents finally get health care.

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