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Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. MORAN of Kansas. The majority of Americans oppose the Senate's health care reform bill. Consider the stunning electoral upset in Massachusetts following the passage of this bill in the Senate, a bill that was pieced together through vote peddling and backroom deals. Yet, now Speaker Pelosi is trying to avoid a direct up-or-down vote on this bill in a plan to push it through this Congress. It is outrageous. If Democrats want to force this bill on the American people, they should show their support with a direct vote as our Constitution requires.

To prevent this affront, I am a sponsor of H.R. 1188 that would ensure that direct vote and prevent Speaker Pelosi from using this parliamentary trick to force the bill through the House.

For weeks, President Obama, when he was concerned with getting 60 votes in the Senate, demanded an up-or-down vote. House Democrats should honor this request now that the problem is getting House Democrats to vote for the bill. Americans need to see who supports this legislation, including the Cornhusker kickback, the Louisiana purchase, and other embarrassing deals included in the legislation.


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