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Loebsack Issues The Following Statement On Passage Of Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Loebsack Issues The Following Statement On Passage Of Health Care Reform

Congressman Dave Loebsack issued the following statement on House passage of the final health care reform package.

"This health care bill will put patients over insurance company profits, and reverse the increasingly disturbing trends in our health care system. This bill ends the worst insurance industry practices, and takes steps towards giving Iowans with insurance, as well as those without insurance, the piece of mind that comes with having stable, quality health care.

"With the cost saving measures included in this bill, and the Medicare agreement that I was able to help secure yesterday, we are taking serious strides towards reigning in exploding health care costs and giving taxpayers more for their money.

"The Medicare agreement will finally shift our nation's health care system to one in which patients receive quality care, and health care providers are rewarded for making patients healthy. By securing this agreement, we move America towards the fiscal responsibility and efficiency that makes Iowa a model for fundamental reform. This change to the Medicare payment system is the right thing to do, and I am proud that I was able to help Iowa patients and America's taxpayers finally get a fair deal.

"This bill is not perfect and the process that has been chosen is not perfect either. However, I cannot tell the Iowans who attended my town halls, called my office, and emailed me asking for reform, that I did not vote for this bill because I had concerns about the process. And I certainly cannot tell my constituents that I chose to bend to the political ploys and distortions that are being perpetuated about this complex bill instead of standing up for Iowa families. Despite my qualms with some provisions contained in the bill and the road that led to this evening's vote, I cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

"This evening I voted for the 416,000 Iowans in the district whose insurance will be strengthened, the 156,000 families and the 13,700 small businesses that will receive tax credits and assistance, the 95,000 Iowans who will receive better treatment through Medicare, the 54,000 young adults who will be able to remain on their parent's insurance plans, and for my children and grandchildren, whose stake in the national deficit will be reduced by $130 billion over the next ten years. Today, I cast my vote for the Second District of Iowa."

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