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Vitter Offers Amendments to Reconciliation Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today offered the following amendments to the Senate's health care reconciliation bill.

The first of several amendments offered by Vitter would provide for comprehensive prescription drug reform and allow for the reimportation of prescription medicines.

"If we are truly serious about health care reform, then one of our primary goals should be putting affordable drugs within the reach of ordinary Americans," said Vitter. "It's no coincidence that the pharmaceutical industry spent millions to help pass Obamacare yet reimportation language is nowhere in this bill."

Vitter also offered legislation that would expand access to mobile mammography services.
"My amendment would help provide on-site mammograms to women in both urban and rural areas that may not currently receive screenings and preventive care," said Vitter. "This would give thousands more women a fighting chance to combat this terrible disease through early detection."

Additionally, Vitter offered an amendment that would create a stronger verification process to ensure that illegal immigrants do not receive taxpayer-funded health care. While the current bill only requires a valid Social Security to apply for health care benefits and subsides, Vitter's amendment would require a government-issued photo ID, a date of birth and a Social Security number before granting taxpayer-funded health care to individuals.

Vitter also introduced an amendment that would take away special health care privileges for members of Congress granted in the newly-signed health care law. Specifically, members would be prohibited from access to the Attending Physician or military and VA hospitals (except in case of an emergency) and would have to wait and schedule appointments like every other American.

The final amendment offered by Vitter to the reconciliation bill would repeal the law that provides automatic pay raises for members of Congress. Vitter was successful in forcing the passage of a standalone bill on this pay raise issue through the Senate last year. It is currently languishing with no action in the House of Representatives.

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