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Berkley Witnesses Historic White House Health Reform Signing Ceremony


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley today joined President Barack Obama and Members of Congress at a White House signing ceremony marking the creation of an historic new law that will improve healthcare for families in Las Vegas and across the nation. Berkley issued the following statement upon conclusion of the White House ceremony:

"The President's signing of this legislation was a moment in history that I was proud to witness and one that I will always remember because of the benefits all families will see as a result of these critical health reforms. This new law expands access to affordable health coverage for more than 600,000 of our fellow Nevadans, provides financial assistance to working families to make coverage costs affordable and tax credits to businesses that provide healthcare to their employees.

"Reforming the broken healthcare system is a critical element in our nation's economic recovery. Healthcare costs must be controlled, access to coverage must be expanded and the quality of coverage for those who are currently covered must be improved. No one with or without health insurance should be forced into bankruptcy because of medical bills, or worry they will not be covered if they lose or change their jobs. That is why each of these issues has been addressed in the new health reform law signed by President Obama this morning.

"Today we tear down barriers to care for those denied insurance in the past, either because they can't afford coverage, have a pre-existing condition, or have been dropped after getting sick. And allow young adults to remain on their parents' insurance plans longer, preventing sons and daughters from falling into the ranks of the uninsured. These health reforms will also mean moms and dads in the Las Vegas Valley can sleep better at night knowing a sick child can see the doctor because they are insured.

"And with the stroke of a pen, the President has improved Medicare coverage with the inclusion of free preventive care and the elimination of the threat of huge out-of-pocket costs for prescription medicines by closing the "donut hole' in Part D coverage."

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