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Congressman Scott Votes To Reduce Healthcare Costs

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman David Scott voted to reduce health care costs, expand the private insurance marketplace for small businesses and the uninsured, and stop insurance companies for denying coverage for pre-existing coverage and shore up Medicare services.

"To do nothing is expensive," Congressman Scott said. "Growth in annual health insurance costs is outstripping average wage increases. Employer-sponsored health insurance premiums have more than doubled in the last 9 years - a rate 3 times faster than cumulative wage increases. Health care costs doubled from 1996 to 2006, and are projected to rise to 25% of GDP in 2025. As a result of these crushing health care costs, American businesses are losing their ability to compete in the global marketplace."

"I voted to stop discrimination against Georgians who become sick," Congressman Scott said. "I am listening to the families across my district who have struggled to pay for health conditions not covered by insurance. Half of all personal bankruptcies are at least partly the result of medical expenses. These families deserve a chance to live up to their fullest without fear of financial ruin."

Among the health insurance improvements are:

* a new insurance marketplace, called the exchange, to empower individuals and small businesses to have new access private insurance plans
* a ban on denying insurance coverage from pre-existing medical conditions
* allow young adults to remain on their parents insurance until age 26
* closing the Medicare "doughnut hole" on the drug coverage gap for seniors
* largest tax cuts for purchasing health insurance in history
* expanded coverage for 32 million Americans

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