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Linder Statement On Passage Of Democrat Health Care Takeover


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative John Linder (R-GA), issued the following statement following the passage of the Democrat health care takeover:

"Today, President Obama failed the American people. Over $592 billion in new taxes will fall on every American taxpayer, breaking the President's promise not to raise taxes on the middle class. Over $500 billion in Medicare cuts that will not extend the life of Medicare but will pay for a massive new health care entitlement, thus breaking the President's promise to our seniors. And all for one purpose -- government control of our lives."

"This bill gives the government more than $1 trillion to spend in just ten years. And there's no telling how many trillions the government will have to take from taxpayers in the decades to come. In 1966, we thought Medicare would cost just $12 billion by 1990. In reality, it cost $107 billion. Now, Medicare costs over $400 billion annually. Clearly, the government underestimates costs. And this doesn't begin to address how trillions in new spending could lead to hyperinflation in the next decade -- further hurting the middle class."

"But for now, the House's job is done. The Christmas Eve health care bill now goes to the President and will be the law of the land -- complete with the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, and Gator Aid -- all special deals meant to buy votes. And the Reconciliation Act goes to the Senate where it will be hotly debated. There is no guarantee that the Senate will pass the Reconciliation Act, which could leave all those backroom deals as law."

"Georgians could lose their Medicare Advantage, while their friends in Florida will see no change in their coverage. Georgians will pay more taxes to fund Medicaid in Nebraska. Georgians will see funding cuts for our hospitals, while hospitals in Connecticut will get more money. This devious backroom deal that the President cooked up with Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid is a great deal for government bureaucrats and Congressmen who want to dole out special favors, but it's no deal for American taxpayers."

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