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Senator Roland W. Burris to Attend Health Care Reform Bill Signing Ceremony at White House


Location: Washington, DC

Senator Roland W. Burris to Attend Health Care Reform Bill Signing Ceremony at White House

Today, United States Senator Roland W. Burris will join his Senate colleagues and President Obama at the White House to celebrate the signing of the historic health care reform bill passed by the House of Representatives on Sunday. The health care reform bill will expand affordable insurance coverage to more than 30 million Americans, drive down costs and increase accountability in the insurance market.

Throughout the health care debate, Senator Burris was a vocal advocate for the goals of a strong public option to increase health care coverage and to inject much-needed competition in the insurance market, taking to the Senate floor numerous times to argue for a reform bill that included stronger provisions to lower costs, increase coverage and to create accountability. Senator Burris and his colleagues in the United States Senate voted to pass landmark health care reform legislation on December 24, 2009.

"With the signing of this historic reform bill, we finally have made quality, affordable health care a reality for tens of millions of Americans," said Senator Burris. "For nearly a century -- since the Presidency of Teddy Roosevelt -- Americans have been calling for a health care insurance system that provides them with the meaningful health care reform they rightly deserve. I am proud to say that this legislation will ensure lower costs, greater competition, and more accountability to the system, ending the nefarious insurance company practices of coverage denials and lifetime caps. President Obama and the Democratic Congress achieved historic reform for our health care system, and I was proud to work with my colleagues in the Senate on behalf of Illinoisans to solve this long-ignored problem."

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