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Bachmann And House Colleagues Introduce Legislation To Close Absurd Health Care Loophole

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Bachmann And House Colleagues Introduce Legislation To Close Absurd Health Care Loophole

Today, U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (MN-06) along with 15 House colleagues introduced legislation that would eliminate the exemption contained within the recently passed health care overhaul for Congressional staff that helped craft the legislation. This legislation amends the bill signed into law by the President on Wednesday, which required some staff to participate in the new health care exchange created by the law and allowed others to remain in the existing system. This bill ensures that all employees of the Legislative Branch of our federal government are moved into the new health care exchanges.

"It's absurd that the Democrats' health care overhaul contained special provisions for some, while relegating others to the new law passed this weekend," Bachmann stated. "What an insult to the American people. It leaves one thinking that this legislation isn't at all cracked up to what the Democrats are deeming it to be. After all, they don't even want to be in it. This bill, if passed, would change all that, and the American people expect nothing less."

Specifically, the legislation would close the loophole so that all Legislative Branch employees are required to get their health insurance from the health care exchanges. This would include all leadership, committee and joint staff as well as officers of the House and Senate and their employees. All other Legislative Branch employees would be included as well.

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