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Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Madam Speaker, if the Democrats are so proud of the health care bill, why the subterfuge? Speaker Pelosi said, If we can't cross the fence, we will pole vault over it. We will tunnel under it, we will break through it. In other words, they are going to subvert the legislative process.

If they are so proud of the health care bill, why the Cornhusker kickback? Why the Louisiana purchase? Why the Gator aid? Why the hospital for the folks in Connecticut? Why all the other special interest bills? And if they are so proud, why not post it on the Web page? But, in fact, here is what the Speaker said. These are Nancy Pelosi's words: ``We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it.'' In other words, the height of D.C. arrogance and Beltway we-know-best.

I call on fair-minded Democrats to join me in denouncing this process and standing up for transparent, fair, and open government. Let's have a bill that comes to the floor in which amendments are allowed and one that has come through the committee process.

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