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Letter To Attorney General Thurbert Baker


Location: Washington, DC

Kingston, Delegation Fight For Georgians To Be Protected From Unconstitutional Health Care Mandates

Washington, DC -- Congressman Jack Kingston and the entire Georgia Republican delegation to the U.S. House called on Attorney General Thurbert Baker today to uphold his constitutional responsibility and challenge H.R. 3590, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

While the full impact of the bill on Georgia's patients is unknown, it is clear the individual mandate portion may be an unconstitutional expansion of Federal powers. Thus far, Attorneys General in 14 other states have filed suit to protect their citizens from the legislation.

"Never before has such an out-of-touch minority thrust such a burden on the American people against its will. In the interest of the people of Georgia, I urge the Attorney General to stand up and make our voice heard on this important issue," said Congressman Jack Kingston.

"I believe the federal government cannot and should not force Georgians into contracts or tax them if they refuse. Now that the federal government owns two car companies, it won't be long before we have to pay a fee if you don't buy a car from GM or Chrysler," said Congressman Lynn Westmoreland.

"I am deeply concerned about the impact the passage of the Democrats' health care reform legislation is going to have on the citizens of Georgia. As we fight for its repeal at the federal level, I, along with my Republican colleagues, urge the Attorney General to act responsibly and stand up for Georgians," said Congressman Phil Gingrey, Co-Chair of the GOP Doctors Caucus.

"The Democrats' health care bill is nothing less than an unmitigated attack on individual freedom, choices, and the quality of health care in this nation," said Congressman Tom Price. "Families in Georgia deserve to have their constitutional rights protected against a federal government that is imposing its will through new mandates. No Georgian should be required to purchase a product defined by the government in exchange for the privilege of citizenship," said Congressman Tom Price, Republican Study Committee Chairman.

"Within 24 hours of President Obama signing this bill into law, significant flaws and loopholes have already surfaced. I expect these to be the first of many disappointing consequences, unintended or not, with the government takeover of health care. I urge the Attorney General to listen to the people of Georgia and reject this unconstitutional mandate," said Congressman Paul Broun.

The letter was signed by Representatives Phil Gingrey, Jack Kingston, Lynn Westmoreland, Thomas Price, John Linder and Paul Broun.

Text of the letter is below:

Dear Attorney General Baker:

As you know, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R.3590) was signed into law by the President of the United States on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. Once fully implemented, this law will restrict the economic freedom of every single Georgian and may irreparably harm the safety and security of our health care system and, indeed, our country.

We, the undersigned, have concerns that multiple portions of the legislation will cause undue hardship on the citizens of Georgia and may be an unconstitutional expansion of Federal powers to require Georgians to purchase a commercial product under penalty of law. Governor Perdue, in his March 22nd letter to you, requested that you "institute and prosecute in the name of the State litigation challenging the Act on all possible grounds…" Therefore, we urge you to uphold your constitutional responsibilities to the State and people of Georgia by fulfilling the Governor's request to use all of the resources of your office to challenge this Act and its impact on our citizens.

Although you have thus far indicated you are not inclined to file suit, given the unusual threat to the security of our state, we respectfully request that you reconsider your posture and act immediately in the best interests of Georgia's citizens.


Phil Gingrey, MD Jack Kingston
Member of Congress Member of Congress

Lynn Westmoreland Thomas Price, MD
Member of Congress Member of Congress

John Linder Paul Broun, MD
Member of Congress Member of Congress

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