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Congressman Peters Will Vote For Health Care Reform

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Following the release of final health care legislation yesterday afternoon, Congressman Peters released the following statement today regarding his decision to vote in favor of the health care reform bill scheduled for a House vote on Sunday:

"What's been most important to me and the thousands of Oakland County residents I've spoken to is that health care reform lowers costs for small businesses, seniors and middle class families, protects working people from losing their coverage and reduces the deficit.

"The final bill now provides tax cuts for small businesses to help them afford employee coverage, will provide Americans with access to affordably purchase the same health coverage as Members of Congress, and will ensure that insurance companies cannot deny care for people with preexisting conditions. AARP supports this proposal because Medicare would be strengthened, closing the prescription drug donut hole and providing new preventative care at no cost for seniors. And the fact that these reforms will reduce the deficit $138 billion in the first 10 years and $1.2 trillion in the next ten years was a major selling point for me.

"The vast majority of Americans believe that health care reform is needed. I agree, and after thoroughly reviewing the details of the proposal, I believe it will be far better than the status quo that allows skyrocketing costs to cripple families and small businesses and causes even people with serious illness to lose their care."

Last year, Congressman Peters developed principles upon which he would judge health care reform legislation should such a bill make its way to the House Floor. These principles have been posted on Congressman Peters' website since last summer.

Congressman Peters spoke with thousands of Oakland County residents and medical professionals about health care reform over the past months at countless meetings and public forums. Congressman Peters has engaged residents and the local health care community with an 800 person town hall in September, five major health care roundtable discussions, public community events organized by Peters' office, telephone town halls, public community organization meetings, hospital visits and tours, and many other various meetings and events.

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