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This Fight Is Not Over

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Democrats may have succeeded in passing what is likely the most unpopular and unconstitutional bill ever approved by Congress through illegal procedures and deception, but the fight to kill the proposal is far from over, says House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter (TX-31).

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tonight rammed through the House the healthcare takeover bill passed last December by the Senate, which is estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to cause 8-9 million Americans to lose their workplace health coverage, and an undetermined number of individual plans to cancel coverage as well. The bill also provides full federal funding for abortions, while cutting $500 billion from Medicare and raising taxes another $500 billion.

"An unconstitutional bill passed illegally will not stand as law," says Carter, a former Texas judge. "Not only did President Obama and Speaker Pelosi act with utter contempt towards the voters by pushing this horror of a bill against the wishes of the majority of public, they violated House and Senate rules repeatedly to do so. This was the most convoluted, disingenuous, and deceptive legislative process in the history of Congress. This place is now truly a swamp of corruption."

Carter is immediately engaging in talks with state attorneys general to mount a constitutional challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court to block implementation of the scheme, on grounds of multiple constitutional violations. Carter is also exploring the opportunities for a Constitutional Convention by the states.

"This bill is not just unconstitutional, but un-American at its core, and violates not just the law but basic human rights and liberties," says Carter. "As Conference Secretary I will now move to enlist support against every House Member who voted for this outrage. With a new House in January we can at minimum strip the federal government of the ability to implement any part of this bill. With enough seats we can override a veto, or by winning the Presidency in 2012 we can repeal it outright."

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