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New Democrat Healthcare Bill Kills 1,000 Texas Jobs And Private College Loan Program

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

What started as a government takeover of healthcare now includes a government takeover of the nation's college loans, and the elimination of over 1,000 Texas jobs after Democrats today added in President Obama's proposal to kill the private college loan program into the latest version of healthcare reform.

"This is an outrage on top of an outrage," says House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter. "This Administration and Speaker Pelosi are out to strip Americans of one freedom after another, in spite of the overwhelming majority of the country being in livid opposition to their plans. We will fight this for now here in Congress, and then all Americans will have a chance to fight in November to roll back this insanity."

Carter introduced legislation earlier this year to protect the private college loan industry, which provides over 1,000 jobs in Central Texas, but Democrats refused to let the bill advance.

The latest Democrat healthcare bill was introduced today with an estimated cost over $1 trillion, amid a controversial Congressional Budget Office cost estimate. The bill includes Senate provisions for a $500 billion dollar cut in Medicare funding for the elderly in exchange for taxpayer funded abortions, special deals for states like Nebraska and Louisiana, job-killing tax increases, and an unconstitutional individual mandate to buy health insurance or face fines and jail.

The bill is currently expected for a vote on Sunday, and if approved, would advance to the Senate, where Democrats plan to violate historic Senate rules requiring 60 votes in order to pass the highly unpopular legislation.

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