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Physicians Support Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. PINGREE of Maine. Mr. Speaker, I want to read a letter I got from a doctor talking about the disproportionate effect of our health care system on women. She says, ``As a health care provider, I see patients in my office frequently who need surgery or medicine but who cannot get the health care they really need because they do not have insurance.

``These are young, otherwise healthy women who are coping the best they can with their personal health issues. It doesn't make the national press, but the idea of these women suffering day after day tugs at my heartstrings.

``We all have sisters, daughters, and cousins without insurance. We are all touched by someone who does not qualify for government insurance or cannot afford a private policy. At what point do you decide that enough is enough and that private insurance companies aren't doing their job?''

That doctor is right. That is why I support this bill. There are many provisions in the health care bill that we will be taking up this week that make sure that women are not disproportionately affected by the lack of coverage.

I look forward to voting for this bill.

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