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Blog: A Vote for Control and Power, Not Health Care


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A day after the Treasury Department reported President Obama had increased the national debt by $2 trillion since taking office, the Congressional Budget Office calculated President Obama's health care bill would cost Americans trillions more in taxes and spending.

This should give everyone pause, but the Democrats are so blindly committed to passing this bill to score a political "win" they no longer care about what it does or what it would cost.

Look at some of the events that have occurred over the past week.

The Chairman of the House Budget Committee Rep. John Spratt, (D-S.C.), advanced a "shell" health care bill out of his committee that didn't have any text. Even more embarrassing for the Budget Chairman is the fact the bill didn't have a price estimate at the time, either.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-Calif.), has been equally unconcerned with the substance of the bill as her party has grown more desperate to get their win. Pelosi recently told the public, "we have to pass this bill so you can find out what's in it."

She doesn't even want to hold a straight up-or-down vote on the bill, because she knows Democrats will be held accountable for it in the November elections, risking their majority status. So, Pelosi's grand plan to send the bill to the president's desk for his signature to become law is to "deem" it passed, without actually requiring any of her Democrats to vote for it.

Americans thought it was bad last year when the Democrats voted for a 1,079-page stimulus bill without reading it. They're not even bothering to write it or vote on it this time around. It's considered too dangerous to their political prospects, so they're not doing it.

A number of Democrats have been wary of these tactics and skeptical if the legislation would be good for America. The very liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich, (D-Ohio) was one of them. He originally opposed it because he wanted a single-payer system, but announced on Wednesday he would vote "yes" even though he admitted "I have doubts about this bill." Why? Because after Obama held a rally in his district and took him on a ride on Air Force One Kucinich decided, "We have to be very careful that the potential of President Obama's presidency is not destroyed by this debate."

This is how the Democratic majority is governing the country. They're not interested in doing what's best for America, they're doing what's best to preserve their political power.

The debate is no longer about the effectiveness of the bill, it's about the effect a defeat would have on Obama's presidency.

It's clear the bill will not deliver what was promised. It won't lower health care costs or insurance premiums What it will deliver, however, is plenty of power and control to elected officials and Washington bureaucrats.

The president's bill will create a government-controlled insurance exchange where bureaucrats will have the power to set price controls and determine what insurance will or will not cover.

Instead of lowering the prices of health care for consumers and making it easier to get insurance by allowing people to buy insurance across state lines, Obama's plan will add more people to Medicaid, a program that's headed towards bankruptcy and already failing many Americans dependent on it.

It will create 159 new bureaucracies in the form of new programs, projects and panels.

If that wasn't enough, the Democrats added a student-loan takeover to the bill at the last minute. In addition to taking over health care, the bill also calls for the government to shut down private lenders, put those workers out of a job and start profiting off college students. The government will borrow money at a low rate, charge students a high rate and put the money made off students towards new government programs.

Now, the Democrats don't like it when they're accused of supporting "socialism" but taking over student loans to pay for a health care takeover fits the definition.

Everyone agrees our health care needs reform. Republicans and Democrats strongly disagree about how to do it.

Democrats approached the problem by asking, "How can we use the government to solve this problem?" while Republicans asked themselves, "How can we provide the most good with the least amount of government?"

Those two different starting points have produced drastically different solutions. The Democrats' manipulation of the instruments of government led to a plan filled with bureaucracy, taxes, spending and an unconstitutional mandate requiring Americans to buy insurance.

Republicans have found ways to increase freedom by stripping away government rules and regulations that will make it easier for people to purchase insurance across state lines, lower the price of health care, and increase choice for patients.

Democrats ignored those ideas and proceeded with their command-and-control approach to health care reform without any Republican support.

These differences are irreconcilable. That's why reconciliation won't work to fix this bill. All 41 Republican senators have pledged to stop reconciliation from passing the Senate if the House makes health care law and tries to "fix it" after the fact.

Either the Democratic House will make the Senate-bill law, that includes funding for abortion, the "Cornhusker Kickback," the "Louisiana Purchase" and "Gator Aid," or it'll listen to the American people and reject it.

The release of the CBO score represents another step towards making the final decision. Hopefully, instead of viewing it as a mere procedural hurdle that must be cleared to attain political victory for their president, swing-vote Democrats will consider the costs carefully and do what's best for the people, not their party.

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