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Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BACA. Health care reform is needed now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but now.

After decades of working hard, the Hernandezes from my district now struggle to pay for prescription drugs with disability payments and unemployment checks. This is wrong.

With the fourth highest foreclosure in the Nation and 15 percent unemployment in my district, my constituents cannot wait any longer. We need health care reform now. Health care reform will lower the costs and hold health insurance companies accountable; provide new coverage for 31 million people; end discrimination based on preexisting conditions; close the doughnut hole for thousands of seniors; allow 75,000 young adults in my district under the age of 27 to stay under their parents' coverage; provide millions of dollars for funding for seven community centers in my district; cut the national deficit by a hundred-and-some billion over 10 years; and produce 4 million new jobs in the coming decade.

Health care reform is good for seniors, good for adults, good for women, good for families, good for America. Let's support health care reform now.


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