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Reconciliation Act Of 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Reconciliation Act Of 2010

* Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, I have followed this debate closely. We all have. But I haven't heard a colleague from Massachusetts say, ``In spite of my State's five billion dollar budget deficit, CommonwealthCare is a great model.'' I haven't heard my colleagues from Maine say ``Dirigo covered more people and lowered costs, let's try that approach.'' My colleagues form New Jersey can't say, ``When we passed guaranteed issue laws, costs came down, let's try our model.'' And you certainly haven't heard any of the Tennessee delegation come to the floor and say, ``TennCare was a great success, let's try that!''

* You haven't heard these things because my colleagues know what is proposed today has been tried and tried and tried before. It has never worked. The theory sounds good, but the hard facts are that when you gamble that near-term costs will be made up by long-term savings, you always lose.

* The real losers will be our children and grandchildren who will labor under heavy taxes to finance their own mediocre care. There is a bipartisan collection of Members who know that is the only result of this bill. I hope that we will be a bipartisan majority.

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