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Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DUNCAN. Madam Speaker, when I was driving into work last Friday, I heard the Governor of Arizona on the news saying that her State already faces its biggest deficit ever, over $3 billion. She said they had calculated that the health care bill would cost an additional $4 billion that they simply do not have.

Because Tennessee already covers more than most States, our Democratic Governor, nonetheless, said it would cost out State from $750 million up to $3 billion more. Most States are in far worse shape than Tennessee or Arizona, yet much of this bill is paid for by forcing millions more onto State and Medicaid rolls. In yesterday's Washington Post, columnist Robert Samuelson said the bill ``evades health care's major problems and would worsen the budget outlook.'' He wrote that ``It's a big new spending program when government hasn't paid for the spending programs it already has.''

Madam Speaker, even if this program were the greatest thing since sliced bread, the fact is that we simply cannot afford it.

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