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Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PLATTS. Everyone agrees that the status quo in health care is unacceptable, but the proposed health care reform legislation is also unacceptable. Two of the greatest gifts that my parents gave my four brothers and sisters and I was a solid foundation in the ideals of common sense and right versus wrong. This health care bill fails to pass both of these principles. Common sense tells us that a health care bill that increases health care costs by over a trillion dollars is wrong; that raises taxes by over $500 billion is wrong; that cuts Medicare by $500 billion is wrong; that forces millions of Americans off of private insurance into a government-run health care plan is wrong; and a plan that allows taxpayer funds to be used for abortion services is wrong.

A simple application of the ``right versus wrong'' test tells us that seeking to pass such a monumental piece of legislation by deeming it passed without an up-or-down vote is wrong. Basic principles--common sense, right versus wrong. This proposal fails both of those very important principles. My mom and dad got it right. These matter.

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