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Schwartz Lauds House Passage Of Health Care Reform


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz issued the following statement today after voting for legislation to reform health care so that it works better for patients and is more affordable for all Americans. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, the Congresswoman played a significant role in drafting this important measure.

Specifically, Schwartz has championed provisions to prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to children and adults with pre-existing conditions, to expand and improve access to primary care, to ensure young adults can stay on their parent's coverage until age 26, and to eliminate co-payments for preventive care services for seniors.

"Today Democrats in Congress took action to bring down health care costs for middle income families, help small businesses afford coverage for their employees, improve coverage for seniors, reign in wasteful spending, and provide access to 32 million uninsured Americans--all while reducing the deficit by $1.2 trillion over 20 years.

"Health care reform will strengthen Medicare by ensuring better quality of care to our seniors and greater value for our public dollars. We close the gap in prescription drug coverage, known as the donut hole, which has been so costly for America's seniors. Thanks to this bill, seniors will no longer have to pay a co-pay for primary care and preventive services.

"Starting right away, insurance companies will be prohibited from discriminating based on pre-existing conditions, from placing annual or lifetime caps on coverage, and from dropping people from coverage when they get sick.

"Health care reform represents the largest deficit reduction measure in nearly a generation. It will contain the rising cost of health coverage and improve health benefits for Americans who currently have insurance.

"It is time to put American families and small business owners--not insurance companies--in control of their own health care. It is time to hold insurance companies accountable to keep premiums down and prevent denial of care and coverage. It is time to ensure that millions of Americans have access to affordable health insurance choices."

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