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Congressman Bright's Statement On Voting Against The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act:


Location: Unknown

"After nearly a year of debate, the House passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Senate's version of health care reform. I am very disappointed in the final product of this long and drawn-out debate, and saddened by the fact that the discussion on one of America's most pressing issues completely lacked bipartisanship.

"I voted against the health care reform bill because our country cannot afford its massive cost, and I am skeptical about the legislation's ability to bring down the government's long-term health care obligations. Moreover, for months my constituents have expressed their strong opposition to this bill and I cannot ignore the will of the people I represent.

"Though I recognize the need for health care reform, I had no choice but to vote against this legislation. Everyone agrees that the status quo is unsustainable and that we must do more to rein in costs, but unfortunately Congress strayed away from its mission and the end result is a significantly flawed product that fails to address the root causes of our health care crisis.

"This debate has brought out deep emotions on both sides, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Democrats and Republicans alike have a love for America, and we are fortunate to live in a country with a Constitution that allows us to respectfully differ while we debate the best way to reach our shared goals. As we move forward from the passage of this legislation and conduct the people's business, let's remember that there is much more that unites us rather than divides us."

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed by a 219 - 212 margin.

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