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Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Madam Speaker, for more than 1 year, Congress and the administration have failed to make health care reform a reality.

The 2,700-page bill, which can only pass through convoluted, inside-the-Beltway shenanigans, has over $500 billion in tax increases, not to mention the $500 billion in Medicare cuts that come with that increase, which jeopardizes million of seniors' existing health care coverage. And this bill includes millions of dollars in cuts to home health care for the elderly, millions of dollars in cuts for Alzheimer's programs, millions of dollars in cuts for food for seniors programs.

This bill makes no sense for America's families, no sense for America's seniors, and it is a fiscal time bomb for future generations.

I do not want to leave a legacy of debt to my granddaughter, Morgan Elizabeth.

In Congress' scramble to get any kind of bill passed, regardless of its cost or impact, they have taken the wrong approach. We can do better.

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