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Dr. Donna Campbell Protests Vote on Nationalized Healthcare


Location: Unknown

"If elected, I pledge to do everything in my power to repeal this legislation.'

Republican Congressional candidate Dr. Donna Campbell (CD 25, Tx) issued the following statement immediately following the passage of the Democrats' health care bill (HR 3590) late Sunday night (2/21) by a 219-212 margin in the House of Representatives:

"I am deeply disappointed by the House vote to expand government control of health care, which will place 150,000 un-elected bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. This is not reform, it is a takeover of the health care industry by lifelong politicians and entrenched lobbyists. Rather than make insurance more affordable by introducing competition, it will squeeze many middle class families out of their current coverage. With more than 2,000 pages of mandates, restrictions and regulations, and tax increases, doctors and hospitals will be required to spend more time doing paperwork and less time treating patients.

"As a practicing M.D., I find this unacceptable, and if elected, I pledge to do everything in my power to repeal this legislation.

"There is no feeling more frustrating than watching a loved one get sick. I have been in the emergency room when difficult news had to be broken. I have seen families struggle to keep up with growing medical expenses. There are things we can do to protect these patients. However, putting more power in the hands of unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington isn't one of them. It will only make matters worse. This bill is the wrong prescription at the wrong time.

"The House of Representatives is supposed to be the house of the people, but Lloyd Doggett and his boss Nancy Pelosi have rammed through an unpopular bill opposed by a vast majority of Americans. Democrats have divided a country that was once united, pitted groups against each other for their own political gain, threatened our liberties; and have taken our whole system of checks and balances to the brink of ruin. The result is a bad law that doesn't have the majority consent of the governed and will be challenged in courts for years.

"The Democrats' health care bill is a set of empty, costly promises--promises so empty and costly that they don't even kick in until 2013 or later for fear of the results. If elected I'll lead the charge to scrap this monstrosity and write new legislation that adheres to the free market principles this nation was founded on."

-- Dr. Donna Campbell

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