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Dr. Donna Campbell Calls on Lloyd Doggett to Stand Up for Patient Rights

Press Release

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"This is the wrong prescription for fixing our health care system,' says GOP Nominee

Republican congressional candidate Dr. Donna Campbell (CD 25, Tx) is calling on currently incumbent liberal Lloyd Doggett to vote against the health care bill written behind closed doors by House and Senate Democrats.

"This is the wrong prescription for fixing our health care system," Dr. Campbell said. "It fails to address the high costs facing American families and will lead to a lower quality of care. Doctors and hospitals will be asked to spend more time adhering to nearly 3,000 pages of rules and regulations written by Washington bureaucrats, leaving less time to focus on patients. Meanwhile, insurance premiums will continue to rise as consumers are faced with fewer choices to compete for our business."

Dr. Campbell noted costs can be reined in by passing common-sense measures like tort reform, encouraging tax-free health savings accounts, and allowing consumers to buy insurance across state lines. Unfortunately, she adds, Democrats have not included any of these ideas in their legislation. Instead, they have doubled down on the status quo with more government interference and regulation. Their bill dictates unnecessary coverage, raises taxes, punishes innovation, and pushes restrictive price controls on insurers that will run many out of business. The bill also raids Medicare to the tune of some half a trillion dollars, cutting benefits for seniors when Medicare is already on a path to complete insolvency.

Dr. Campbell wants to make sure Texans aren't faced with the same problems that plague Massachusetts, where a similar universal health care bill passed four years ago. Massachusetts residents now pay the highest insurance premiums in the nation. And those who can't afford the rates and don't qualify for government aid are still left without coverage with the added burden of paying a huge penalty for remaining uninsured. These are often middle class families who have been squeezed out of the coverage they used to be able to afford thanks to government mandates and restrictions.

"Texans are sick of lifelong politicians in Washington telling us how to live our lives," Dr. Campbell said. "The last thing we need is another bureaucrat standing between patients and doctors. This vote is more than just about health care. It's about returning power to the people. We elect our representatives to serve us, not to make us serve them. That's why I'm calling on Lloyd Doggett to take my advice as a doctor, as well as that of his constituents, and say "no' to Nancy Pelosi's unaffordable government-run health care."

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