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Kingston On Jobs: Get Out Of The Way, Washington

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Kingston On Jobs: Get Out Of The Way, Washington

The House of Representatives today passed another $15 billion in government spending aimed at boosting the economy. Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA), who voted against the package, it's time to get Washington out of the way in order to create jobs.

"At some point we are going to figure out the federal government doesn't have the solution for everything," said Congressman Kingston. "We've been down this road before -- from bailing out AIG and Bear Stearns to propping up Freddie and Fannie and an $867 billion stimulus package, the government can't spend our economy back on its feet.

"Instead, we've got to quit spending to restore confidence in our fiscal future. We should free community banks from unnecessary and overbearing regulations which freeze lending and cause the small business credit crunch. Finally, we need to get out of the Big Government-Big Business legislative model so small business can compete."

The package, which must now be passed by the Senate, is comprised primarily of a wage-subsidy system first employed during the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Employers would receive a tax credit to hire workers who have been unemployed for at least two months. If the worker remained on the books for a year, the employer would receive an additional tax credit.

"If you couldn't afford to hire a worker before this legislation, that isn't going to change," Congressman Kingston said. "To create jobs, we've got to get customers walking in the door."

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