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Statement On Health Care Reform


Location: Washington, DC

I am convinced that we need to reform health care. The current system is too expensive, inefficient, complex and confusing. A system that allows people to lose their existing health care coverage, leaves tens of millions of Americans without health care and denies coverage to people with pre-existing conditions is unacceptable.

I have spent my Congressional career fighting for a fair and transparent legislative process. A process that allows Representatives and the public time to read and review proposed legislation.

The legislation that is currently being discussed in the House of Representatives is far different from the bill I voted against in November 2009.

I have not seen the proposed changes to the Senate health care bill nor has the Congressional Budget Office released its estimated costs of the new proposal.

Until I am able to read the new proposal and know the costs, I will not decide on how to vote on passage. To do so would contradict what I have stood for throughout my Congressional career.

In the meantime, I will continue to study the issues carefully and listen to the views and concerns of the people of Southwest Washington.

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