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Cantor On The President's Health Care Summit


Location: Washington, DC

Cantor Recaps The White House Health Care Summit:

"We certainly saw the differences between the two sides put on display. We came to talk to the President because Republicans do care about people's health care and we put out, you know, our ideas once again. You know, there were some points in which we could maybe see some agreement, but fundamentally, there's a real difference. We don't care for his bill. And we said over and again, Mr. President, if we want to make some progress, please set aside that bill and then let us try and affect positive reform for American people.

On The Costs Associated With The Democrats' Health Care Approach:

"If that's the direction that he's headed, then really if you are talking about winners and losers today, then the American people are going to lose, because this bill is not good for the American people or their health care. This bill is a trillion dollar bill. It raises $500 billion in taxes, imposes mandates on small businesses and working families and frankly doesn't reform health care and doesn't even bend the health care cost in this country.

On The Differences Between Republican and Democrat Approach To Health Care Legislation:

"The difference is, we believe we get more people access to health care by lowering costs. And we believe we ought to focus on that and make sure that people are able to keep the health care they have. Whereas the President fundamentally believes that if you have the government here in Washington begin to prescribe what people's health care should look like and then require everyone to purchase those kinds of policies that it will lead to a better health care system. We just fundamentally disagree and that's why we are asking the President to set aside his bill.

On Democrats' Plan To Use Reconciliation:

"I think they would do so at their political peril and really the losers are going to be the American people. But you also have to look at the fact that right now, Speaker Pelosi does not have the votes in the House to pass this bill. The reason is, Wolf, because the American people don't want this bill, the moderates in the House are looking at this scratching their heads wondering why in the world they would want to vote for something that their constituents don't want, and in truth, the bipartisanship surrounding this bill is in opposition to it."

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