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Cantor Recaps Health Care Summit And Reconciliation On Greta


Location: Unknown

Cantor On The White House Health Care Summit:

"I do think that the American people saw for about seven hours that there is a clear choice. There are two sides to this health care bill. One of which obviously I support, which is to put this bill aside and let's start anew in a very different manner. And it's the Democrats and the President's way of trying to plow forward with this trillion dollar bill, which is going to frankly change people's health care in this country to a system that frankly they won't like.

On The President Ignoring The Will Of The American People:

"The people did hear both sides and unfortunately there was an unwillingness on the part of the President to acknowledge where the American people are. The American people have rejected this health care bill more than once. They did it in the town hall meetings, they did it in the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, in the public polling that we are seeing, and unfortunately the President now just wants to ignore their thoughts.

On The President's Plan To Push Forward:

"I think if you couple that exchange that he had with Senator McCain with his comments at the end of the session, which essentially were that we will proceed if Republicans don't come along with our way, we will proceed with reconciliation. And then there will be an election and that's what elections are for. Those two instances are telling about the President's mentality about this whole thing.

On Meeting With Speaker Pelosi:

"I have requested several times a meeting with her and to no avail. It just seems that she is very committed to her ways doesn't want to hear any other opinions.

On The Democrats' Use Of Reconciliation:

"There's clearly, I think, a sentiment among those who are leaving the meeting it is inevitable they will try and attempt reconciliation. If they're successful with that, the real losers are the American people because this monstrosity of a bill would become law. Before we even get to that, they will have to get through the House. The Senate is relieved, if you will, of having not only to produce 59, but 50 votes plus the Vice President under that process. But in the House they still need 218 votes. From the way I look at it, as the Whip on the Republican side, it sure seems to me that they are lacking in votes on the Democratic side."

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