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Cantor Talks Health Care, Reconciliation, And Rep. Rangel On Meet The Press


Location: Unknown

Cantor On Democrats Threatening To Use Reconciliation:

"I'll tell you one thing, if Speaker Pelosi rams this bill through the House using a reconciliation process, they will lose their majority in Congress in November.

On Chairman Rangel's Ethics Problems:

"Nancy Pelosi said in the very beginning that this is going to be the most open, honest ethical congress in history, and what we are seeing is that she is breaking that promise every day. And I'm sure my colleague would join me in saying that the American people would say right away, Charlie Rangel should step aside from being chairman of the most major committee in congress, after having been found to be in violation of House rules. As we know in press report this is only the tip of the iceberg. I called for his stepping down before even this finding, and now I do think it's time.

On The Republican Approach To Reform:

"That's why you heard during the seven-hour discussion that we had at the Blair House with the President, Republicans come to the table and say look, we do care about health care, and we want to do something to effect positive reform. It's just that we want to take a more common sense, modest incremental approach trying to address the first issue first, which is cost, and then go on to try and deal with some of the things that the President and Speaker Pelosi want to do.

On The Differences In Approach To Health Care:

The reality is, and take a little different approach here and difference with that statement, the reality is Republicans do care about health care. We want to address the first and most foundational element which is cost. Because if we can bring down cost more people can access care, but we also know that there is something we need to do to get more people insured. The problem with the President's bill it's about expanding Medicaid, no one wants to go on Medicaid. That's why physicians in Florida and other states are leaving Medicaid in droves because of the imperfect reimbursement structure. That's what this bill is about, expanding the government programs that don't work. We need real reform to bring down costs."

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