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Cantor Talks Health Care, Speaker Pelosi/Bipartisanship, Economy On The John Gambling Show


Location: Unknown

Cantor On Speaker Pelosi's Comments Regarding Bipartisanship:

"Can you even make sense of that comment? I don't understand that. I don't think the American people understand that. There will be an attempt on the part of some to say, "well, there are Republican ideas in this bill, it's a compromise bill, why aren't Republicans supporting it?" When at the end of the day the American people understand that this bill is a bad bill.

On The Republican Approach To Health Care Reform:

"We all care about health care, we just don't care for this bill, and that's why you heard in the discussion at the Blair House with the President that we ought to just start over. We ought to take a much more modest, commonsense approach to try and affect positive health care reform for Americans, which starts with trying to bring down costs and not try and overhaul the system with a trillion dollars worth of expenditure and frankly leading us down a path to have the government replace the system we know.

On The Different Approaches To Health Care And Job Creation:

"That's why maybe Thursday's discussion at the Blair House was so important because America got to see that there are really two very different visions about how to proceed on health care in this country. There are also two very different visions on how to proceed as far the economy and jobs are concerned. And the more that the American people look to see as the election nears I think that difference will become more pronounced.

On Small Business Job Creation:

"If there's one thing that is central to the mood of this country, it is the lack of financial and economic security for working families. And we'll have an opportunity this week, I believe, to look at another attempt by this administration to try and generate some economic activity. Unfortunately it is more of the same. Because when you are looking at the type of policies that the administration wants, basically it says, "Washington knows what small business people want, so give them what they want." Rather than to make it just less costly right now for small businesses to keep their lights on.

On GOP Solutions To End The Economic Uncertainty:

"You look back at what we as the Republicans in the House have done since last year in the stimulus debate, we put forward a jobs plan that focuses on small businesses. Giving them a direct benefit, a tax cut, so that it would be cheaper for them to operate right now. Then we presented a no-cost jobs plan to the President in December and basically that says: Look, stop the Washington incursion, stop the spending. Let's tell business people we're not going to raise taxes, especially now in times of unemployment. There are some things we can do that don't cost anything to put some certainty back into the equation."

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