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Cantor Talks Health Care On Fox News' "Happening Now"


Location: Unknown

Cantor on The Unpopularity of the Democrats' Health Care Bill:

"The American people don't like this health care bill. We Republicans do care about Americans' health care. We just don't care for this bill. And a last-minute effort to try and throw a few Republican proposals on top of a trillion dollars measure is just unacceptable. That's not bipartisanship. If we want to be about bipartisanship, we ought to be looking to see where the American people are, where both sides can come together, and agree as to how to bring down health care costs. There's a lot of talk in Washington right now on the part of Speaker Pelosi and others about the vote in the House and whether they're going to proceed on reconciliation. And clearly, from my discussions with the colleagues that I've got across the aisle and from what I'm hearing, there are a lot more members who voted "yes" before that want now a chance to vote "no" and not the other way around."

On the Lack of Bipartisanship:

"Bipartisanship in Washington is something that really has been a rare commodity this past year, but there have been many instances where both sides have been able to work together, and the way that works is you sit down in an open process and you begin to formulate a bill that actually addresses where the American people are and right now that is the issue of bringing down health care costs. We've got proposals on the table, we have consistently said sit down with us and right now the American people are in no mood - nor should they be - to see an attempt by Washington to take 1/6 of our economy and transform that and then put the government in charge of decision making between patients and their doctors. "

On the Democrats' Partisan Use of Reconciliation:

"There's no question, they use reconciliation at their peril and I've said before that if Nancy Pelosi rams this bill through on reconciliation, she'll lose her majority in the House in November. It's a terrible thing though, to have this health care bill pass. This country cannot afford this health care bill; it's not the kind of reform that the American people want."

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