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Cantor Discusses Health Care, Reconciliation On NBC's "Today Show"


Location: Unknown

Cantor On Democrats' Circumventing The Will Of The People:

All I can say is, if it was a good bill we'd be voting on it now, and we wouldn't have to be talking about circumventing the rules. Really, it [reconciliation] will end up circumventing the will of the American people. What we ought to be focused on right now is accomplishing positive health care reform for all Americans.

On Health Care Reform:

"Some may want to involve Mr. Massa, or not. I think when we are talking about health care, we've got a bill that is going to affect every American and there's no question that if the bill was a good bill we'd have an up-or-down vote right now. What we are talking about is a process that is short circuiting the rules that will try and get the bill passed on a very tight vote, a very partisan vote. Frankly, I think there is a better way we can work together and accomplish something for health care reform.

On Former Rep. Massa:

"I'm just getting the news like you are, so again, I don't know the facts of this at all. I know that the American people are sickened by all of this that has gone on, and I think that the best place for this to be resolved is in the Ethics Committee and let's get to the bottom of it."

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